Definition of unsteady in English:

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Pronunciation: /ʌnˈstɛdi/

adjective (unsteadier, unsteadiest)

1Liable to fall or shake; not steady in position: he was very unsteady on his feet Nathan pushed the mug into her unsteady hand
More example sentences
  • As Charles lets what feels like half of Glasgow into the dressing room, an unsteady young fan falls at Turner's feet.
  • As he went to the scaffold, he was so injured and unsteady that he fell from the ladder he was climbing towards the rope and broke his neck.
  • The social sciences occupied an unsteady position somewhere in between.
unstable, rocky, wobbly, wobbling, rickety, shaky, shaking, tottery, tottering, teetering, unsafe, unbalanced, unreliable, insecure, not secure, unfastened, unsecured, movable, precarious;
dizzy, light-headed, faint, weak-kneed, weak at the knees, groggy, punch-drunk;
feeble, faltering, doddery, doddering;
tentative, nervous, timid, hesitant
informal trembly, all of a quiver, teetery, (with legs) like jelly
1.1Not regular in pitch or rhythm: his deep voice was unsteady
More example sentences
  • The damp, hard floor beneath her was moving; it was swaying from side to side in an unsteady rhythm.
  • Tom's singing voice was a little unsteady to begin with, but soon solidified into a soft, smooth tenor.
  • The sound of Jerry Davis' unsteady and eager voice brought her eyes up from the floor with a smile.
irregular, uneven, varying, variable, erratic, jerky, unreliable, volatile, spasmodic, sporadic, changeable, changing, fluctuating, wavering, vacillating, inconstant, intermittent, fitful, desultory, occasional, unsystematic;
technical aperiodic



Pronunciation: /ʌnˈstɛdɪli/
Example sentences
  • I walked unsteadily to the phone so that I could call Hud, only to find it ringing as I reached for it.
  • As a result of his car accident, he still walks unsteadily.
  • I lurch out of the door, point myself unsteadily in the direction of my student house, and stagger through the empty streets.


Pronunciation: /ʌnˈstɛdɪnəs/
Example sentences
  • The new facility will have more space and the latest medical equipment to assess children with complaints such as coma, delayed development, learning difficulties, muscle weakness, unsteadiness and visual problems.
  • Download the photos to your computer and adjust the images in Photoshop to compensate for any camera unsteadiness.
  • Drowsiness, unsteadiness and dizziness are among the most common reactions, but for women in particular, the long-term consequences can be more serious.
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