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Line breaks: vis¦ual
Pronunciation: /ˈvɪʒjʊəl
, -zj-/


Relating to seeing or sight: visual perception
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  • It is a very successful way to convert an ordinary shot into one with a lot of visual appeal.
  • Experiments in visual perception have shown that the mind has a great influence on what we see.
  • However, Plato's distrust of sensory perception led him to reject the visual arts.
optical, seeing, optic, ocular, eye;
vision, sight
visible, perceptible, perceivable, seeable, to be seen, discernible


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A picture, piece of film, or display used to illustrate or accompany something: the music should fit the visuals colour visuals of today’s models
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  • On the technical side, the film has slick visuals and an impressive montage at the beginning.
  • The film has also visuals of a leading gold jewellery showroom in the State.
  • The visuals are all extremely cartoonish, a style that works best for such a parody.


late Middle English (originally describing a beam imagined to proceed from the eye and make vision possible): from late Latin visualis, from Latin visus 'sight', from videre 'to see'. The current noun sense dates from the 1950s.



Pronunciation: /-ʊˈalɪti/
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  • Each demonstrates the ways a book makes an aesthetic experience of space, an experience registered against the long history of thematic links between modern visuality and the city.
  • Visual studies has to think through the ways of thinking about what visuality is - not just to look around at the endless proliferation of images and artifacts.
  • In the introduction the reader is presented with the dual concepts of Aura and Icon as reference points in the journey to mapping Mouride visuality.


[sentence adverb]: visually handicapped children visually, the performance was an exhilarating experience
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  • New funding has been made available to help blind and visually impaired people who may be going for job interviews.
  • We are a visually literate society and, goes the argument, the younger we are the deeper that literacy goes.
  • The pompous, splendid Library, on the other hand, visually overwhelms its contents.

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