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Line breaks: wagon
Pronunciation: /ˈwaɡ(ə)n
(British also waggon)

Definition of wagon in English:


1A vehicle used for transporting goods or another specified purpose: a timber wagon a breakdown wagon
More example sentences
  • Years ago the refuse wagon had a trailer on the back for waste paper and cardboard.
  • Only ammunitions wagons and ambulances were brought up to the immediate rear lines.
  • They cornered Loudon Lane only to find a coal wagon blocking their way.
1.1A four-wheeled trailer for agricultural use: a hay wagon
More example sentences
  • The barn had a high central alley, tall enough for a threshing machine or a hay wagon.
  • After we had bailed the hay then we would get the long wagons and load the hay.
  • Side by side they travel, combine and wagon, until the bin on the combine is empty.
1.2British A railway freight vehicle; a truck: a milk wagon
More example sentences
  • Transport officials said one of the rear wagons may have derailed first, pulling others off the line.
  • The remainder of his working life was spent at the carriage and wagon department at Swindon railway works.
  • I travelled by foot, by hitch-hiking and by clambering onto the wagons of freight trains.
1.3A light horse-drawn vehicle, especially a covered one used by early settlers in North America and elsewhere.
Example sentences
  • At one point, they neared a horse and wagon that had a wheel wedged deep into the earth.
  • One spring when he was hauling some logs, his wagon wheels sank down to the axles in mud.
  • She felt the wagon being covered, then felt motion as the driver urged the horses on.
1.4chiefly North American A wheeled cart or hut used as a food stall: a chip wagon
More example sentences
  • He wandered around and came to a cook wagon preparing some food.
  • Mobile food wagons rather than traditional catering facilities are the order of the day.
  • The cart, disguised as a kerosene peddler's wagon, was suspicious because it had no spigot to dispense fuel.
1.5A vehicle like a caravan used by Gypsies or circus performers.
Example sentences
  • Sullivan stood staring at a colorful gypsy wagon lumbering down a side lane out of sight.
  • Once the council realises its mistake and I'm allowed to stay, I'll get gypsy wagons down here to repair and put on show.
  • He then built a big top and circus wagons, which were all painted their trademark ‘Giffords red’.
1.6 informal short for station wagon.
Example sentences
  • The lines on the cars are more defined and crisp than on previous Peugeot sedans and wagons.
  • I certainly see there is plenty of good automotive art in this mix of new models and concept wagons.
  • Exterior styling is a mix between a sports sedan and a luxury wagon, with the seating position of an SUV.
2Irish informal An unpleasant or disliked woman.


late 15th century: from Dutch wagen; related to wain.


on (or off) the wagon

informal Abstaining (or not abstaining) from drinking alcohol: Monty was supposed to be on the wagon
More example sentences
  • He is, for now, on the wagon, having recognised he has alcohol and financial problems.
  • Jack is an aspiring writer, three months on the wagon after his alcoholism caused family problems.
  • After his dark drinking days, O'Neil clambered on the wagon only to find his Dad determined to drag him off.

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