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Pronunciation: /ˈwɪəri

adjective (wearier, weariest)

  • 2Reluctant to see or experience any more of; tired of: she was weary of their constant arguments [in combination]: war-weary Americans
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    • I have grown so weary of the endless preparations that I have begun to take long walks around the countryside.
    • I am so weary of the Republican AND Democratic response to world crisis.
    • Personally I'm a little weary of this kind of soft, gentle electronica.
    tired of, fed up with, bored with/by, sick of, sick and tired of, jaded with/by, surfeited with/by, satiated by, glutted with/by; (be weary of) have had enough of
    informal have had a basinful of, have had it up to here with, have had something up to here

verb (wearies, wearying, wearied)

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  • 2 [no object] (weary of) Grow tired of or bored with: she wearied of the sameness of her life
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    • Already there are signs that he is wearying of questions about next year's duel with the Americans but the bad news for him is that the inquisition will intensify with each month.
    • EU integrationists by direct comparison seem very trustworthy indeed - even if some are wearying of their noble duties.
    • Having spent a year immersed in the event, Sloan is wearying of the same old arguments, revisiting debates she thought were closed years ago.
    tire of, become/get weary of, become/get tired of, become/get fed up with, become/get fed to death with, become/get bored with/by, become/get satiated with, become/get jaded with, become/get sick of, become/get sick to death of, sicken of; have had enough of, have had a surfeit of, have had a glut of
    informal become/get bored of, have had something up to here
  • 3 [no object] chiefly Scottish Be distressed; fret: don’t think I’m wearying about not being able to paint any more



More example sentences
  • It is surely an item that will accompany the fans for a long time because of its weariless design and high quality.
  • I've tried to keep this ‘autobiography’ as brief as possible but I can't ensure you a weariless reading.
  • Day after day the storm continued, piling snow in weariless abundance.


More example sentences
  • As the new school year begins, students wearily make their way up the hill for the first week of September.
  • At last you are at your final destination and you queue wearily once again, to clear immigration.
  • It is midnight by the time the last passenger wearily pushes his trolley out of the immigration area.


Old English wērig, wǣrig, of West Germanic origin.

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