There are 2 definitions of wee in English:


Line breaks: wee
Pronunciation: /wiː

adjective (weer /ˈwiːə/, weest /ˈwiːɪst/)

chiefly Scottish
Little: when I was just a wee bairn the lyrics are a wee bit too sweet and sentimental
More example sentences
  • But some of them are a wee bit tired now, which is understandable in players so young.
  • Now wait on a minute, I'm not suggesting anything even a wee bit subversive.
  • Jason had been in the kitchen for at least 5 minutes, and Sarah was getting a wee bit impatient.
little, small, tiny, minute, miniature, small-scale, compact, mini, undersized, diminutive, dwarf, midget, Lilliputian, infinitesimal, microscopic, nanoscopic, minuscule, bijou, toy; trivial, trifling, negligible, insignificant, unimportant, minor, of no account, of no consequence, of no importance, not worth bothering about, not worth mentioning, inconsequential, minimal, inappreciable, imperceptible, nugatory, petty
informal teeny, teeny-weeny, teensy, teensy-weensy, itsy-bitsy, half-pint, dinky, piddling, piffling
British informal titchy
North American informal little-bitty, vest-pocket


Middle English (originally a noun use in Scots, usually as a little wee 'a little bit'): from Old English wēg(e) (see wey).

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There are 2 definitions of wee in English:


Line breaks: wee
Pronunciation: /wiː
informal , chiefly British


[mass noun]
1Urine: there was wee all over the floor
More example sentences
  • To quote Dave, ‘it smelt of camel wee.’
  • The cake was legendary, the seats smelled of wee, the toilets were foul, but the film programme was diverse and amazing, and the staff are great people.
  • I'm worried that at some point, someone's got the purpose of those two rooms mixed up, as the stench of wee in the kitchen is unbelievable.
1.1 [count noun] An act of urinating: I went in for a wee
More example sentences
  • Every so often they stopped and everybody got off and had a wee on the side of the road.
  • Why is it that I always get stuck in traffic jams on dual carriageways, where it is impossible to do a U-turn (or anything else about it), when I am dying for a wee?
  • ‘We were miles from anywhere and I needed a wee,’ she told him.

verb (wees, weeing, weed)

[no object] Back to top  
More example sentences
  • Mummy comes in and takes her top and knickers off when she is drunk and wees on the carpet.
  • At midday the approach to the park was a familiar pre-rock concert landscape of men weeing under trees, jocular police and a revivalist with a megaphone: ‘I used to be a sinner like you; now I'm a winner.’
  • Of course, it's all wonderfully shabby chic, with several large holes in the carpet and inadvertent additions from the couple's small black pug, which waddles about, snorting and, occasionally, weeing.


1930s: imitative.

Definition of wee in: