Definition of weighty in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈweɪti/

adjective (weightier, weightiest)

1Weighing a great deal; heavy: a weighty tome
More example sentences
  • With increasingly weighty school bags and heavy workload after school, very little free time is left for the kids to enjoy their childhoods.
  • There are frescoed walls and ceilings, weighty beams inscribed with German proverbs, and a preponderance of carved and knotted pine.
  • Creating a massive weighty object that not only flies, but hovers and takes off vertically is an amazing innovation, a marvel of modern engineering.
heavy, massive, thick, bulky, hefty, cumbersome, clumsy, ponderous, overweight
1.1Of great seriousness and importance: he threw off all weighty considerations of state
More example sentences
  • We commit to continuing to publish the serious scoops, the weighty investigative pieces and the incisive political analysis.
  • There are some hefty themes for what proves to be a weighty, worthy, serious-minded film.
  • There's nothing serious or weighty about any of this.
important, of great import/importance, significant, of significance, momentous, of moment, consequential, of consequence, far-reaching, key, major, vital, critical, crucial, life-and-death, high-priority, decisive, serious, grave, solemn;
burdensome, onerous, heavy, oppressive, stressful, taxing, troublesome, worrisome, vexatious
1.2Having a great deal of influence on events or decisions: the evidence for proprietorial interference has become even more weighty
More example sentences
  • Prosperity and wealth can have a weighty influence.
  • It has been found that the smoking behaviours of best friends and peers have a weighty influence on adolescent smoking habits.
  • Of course, classification, region, and variety of grape are all weighty influences.
compelling, cogent, strong, forceful, powerful, potent, convincing, plausible, effective, efficacious, effectual, sound, valid, well founded, telling;
impressive, persuasive, influential, authoritative



Pronunciation: /ˈweɪtɪli/
Example sentences
  • The performance is weightily beautiful, even though it can't disguise the fact that this is essentially a piano solo with violin and cello accompaniment.
  • By resisting the temptation to be weightily profound, the story succeeds in telling useful truths with a touch of levity.
  • She plucks two huge medallions from her pocket that dangle weightily from rainbow-coloured tapes.


Pronunciation: /ˈweɪtɪnəs/
Example sentences
  • Perhaps it's because of the deluge of words, perhaps it's the weightiness of the subject, but one doesn't actually become involved emotionally.
  • He has insight, dept and has a great spiritual weightiness.
  • The design does its best to give a semblance of weightiness to something no bigger than an essay.

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