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Pronunciation: /wʌɪd/

adjective (wider, widest)

1Of great or more than average width: a wide road
More example sentences
  • Why should the chosen few have this enormously wide road to themselves?
  • The roads are still wide, though traffic density is much lower.
  • Otherwise they will not need so many one-ways even on wide roads.
broad, extensive, spacious, open, vast, spread out, outspread
baggy, loose, capacious, roomy, ample, full, generous, generously cut, commodious, voluminous, oversize;
slack, sloppy, shapeless, sack-like, ill-fitting, ballooning, billowing, floppy
1.1(After a measurement and in questions) from side to side: it measures 15 cm long by 12 cm wide how wide do you think this house is?
More example sentences
  • Walking along lines 1m wide, a measurement was taken at each 0.5m step.
  • Built in 1935, it has eight-foot wide verandahs on three sides of both storeys.
  • The expedition also found rings of plankton organisms that measured 10 km wide.
1.2Open to the full extent: his eyes were wide with fear
More example sentences
  • The boy underneath me was staring at me with wide eyes full of fear.
  • She pushed herself up into a sitting position and looked at Emily with wide eyes full of fear.
  • That's all I can say, he's got a wide grin and full cheeks, not chubby, just open.
fully open, gaping, agape, wide open, yawning
1.3Considerable: tax revenues have undershot Treasury projections by a wide margin
More example sentences
  • Just as the Bank of England has a target for inflation and has to write a letter to the chancellor if it misses it by a wide margin, the new rule seeks to establish credibility.
  • But not by the wide margin that many pundits were predicting.
  • Needwood Spirit has been at the top of his form in recent weeks and has gained a brace of victories at Carlisle, his latest success being achieved by a wide margin.
2Including a great variety of people or things: a wide range of opinion his wide circle of friends
More example sentences
  • The discussions ranged over a wide variety of subjects, but it was the philosophy of medicine that attracted the largest numbers.
  • Today a wide range of fresh varieties such as plum, cherry and vine tomatoes are readily available.
  • The colorful, long-lasting blossoms of this wide variety of mums range from one to six inches across.
comprehensive, ample, broad, extensive, large, large-scale, vast, immense, far-ranging, wide-ranging, expansive, sweeping, encyclopedic, exhaustive, general, all-inclusive, all-embracing, universal, catholic, compendious, cross-disciplinary, interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary
2.1Spread among a large number of people or over a large area: the government’s desire for wider share ownership
More example sentences
  • This proposal has got wide acceptance among women who came to attend the meeting.
  • Gitt, incredibly, replied that his ideas have wide acceptance among scientists.
  • The language papers with wide readership in rural areas have responded admirably to the hardships faced by farmers in their own way.
2.2Considering or dealing with the more general aspects of a situation, issue, etc. the wider implications of the dispute
More example sentences
  • This debate raises wide issues of political theory concerning the proper role of the state.
  • It frequently carries topics and issues of wide import that get into the mainstream papers months or years later.
  • If a court was entitled to look at wide social issues, then really what is being said is that the court's role is a discretionary one.
2.3 [in combination] Extending over the whole of: an industry-wide trend
3At a considerable or specified distance from an intended point or target: the ball was wide of the leg stump
More example sentences
  • Her shot was wide but Gallagher was there to pick up the loose ball.
  • A minute later and again Eynsford breached the visitors' defence but the final shot was wide.
3.1(Especially in soccer) at or near the side of the field: he played in a wide left position
More example sentences
  • That this has improvement has come since he has been tucked into the centre of midfield from a wide right position may not be a coincidence.
  • He has been getting in some great positions either behind their midfield or out wide and he has been a good supply line for us recently.
  • With a wide midfielder and full-back to double up on the exposed full-back this tactic should generate the crosses needed to threaten.


1To the full extent: his eyes opened wide
More example sentences
  • Flowers open wide in full sun, and with the central yellow anthers, the effect is striking.
  • There was a Chinese guy, who's bag I assume it was, taunting it by opening his mouth really wide and moving his arms up and down, but the bird was having none of it.
  • And the second thing is, Lindy walked into the room the other day and he opened his arms wide to reach out to her.
fully, to the fullest/furthest extent, as far/much as possible, all the way, completely
fully open, open wide, gaping, agape, yawning, cavernous
2Far from a particular or intended point or target: his final touchline conversion drifted wide
More example sentences
  • On 11 minutes, the visitors thought that they had taken the lead but a cracking effort went inches wide of the target.
  • Sutton directed a free header wide of the target, and with 12 minutes left, the visitors scored a third.
  • They upped the tempo somewhat but were guilty of ballooning some bad balls wide of their intended mark.
off target, wide of the mark/target, off course, inaccurately, astray
informal off beam
2.1(Especially in football) at or near the side of the field: he will play wide on the right
More example sentences
  • Some nice first time football leaves Ballack wide on the left, from where he strokes a cross in.
  • The ball had been switched from side to side before finally Stark was given the scoring pass wide on the right.
  • ORs hit back straight away when Tom Jones scored wide in the corner to take the home side through to the next round.


(also wide ball) Cricket A ball that is judged to be too wide of the stumps for the batsman to play, for which an extra is awarded to the batting side.
Example sentences
  • Blignaut lost his cool immediately, the next ball swinging way down the leg side for four wides.
  • The batsmen were also helped by some wayward bowling with 61 extras, including 40 wides, being conceded.
  • Instead, the bowlers bowled a few wides and no-balls, in addition to the batsmen being lucky with a few edges.



give someone/thing a wide berth

see berth.

wide awake

Pronunciation: /ˌwʌɪd əˈweɪk/
Fully awake.
Example sentences
  • I was wide awake yet my conscious brain was refusing to accept that someone unseen was touching my face.
  • I am incensed, I am livid, I am wide awake at 3.20 in the morning Thursday writing this email.
  • At 3.30 I was still wide awake and feeling incredibly bad tempered.
fully awake, conscious, open-eyed, not asleep, sleepless, unsleeping, insomniac
archaic watchful

wide of the mark

see off the mark at mark1.
Example sentences
  • If Uki is half asleep and throws his punches a mile wide of the mark, how can Tori possibly practise his techniques affectively and safely?
  • He threw the javelin indeed with prodigious force, but threw it wholly wide of the mark.

wide open

Pronunciation: /ˈwʌɪd ˌəʊpən/
1Fully open: the door was wide open
More example sentences
  • The wallet of the eventual buyer will also have to fall wide open.
  • Above, the ancient door of massive timber in good preservation, being wide open, I walked in.
  • The way he seemed to be squinting with his eyes wide open.
2Very vulnerable, unprotected: the system is wide open to fraud
More example sentences
  • Once it does, his body is left wide open for an attack.
  • Once again the national media were operating off the philosophy that if a person has been involved in controversy they are wide open for attack.
  • This left my stomach and chest wide open for attack, and he lunged forward.
3(Of an issue or contest) completely unresolved: the election is wide open with six candidates in serious contention for the seats
More example sentences
  • After recent years where one or two teams have dominated the league, it is welcoming to see a genuine three horse title race, and the surprise results that have blown the contest wide open.
  • The straw poll of parliamentary party members last week showed no clear winner emerging leaving the contest wide open.
  • The contest was wide open at the break, but the Borderers made full use of the wind in the second half to eventually seal a deserved win.



Pronunciation: /ˈwʌɪdnəs/
Example sentences
  • In its conception, America was a furious dream, and when you are not a child of its luxuries from birth, you see that in all its wideness.
  • Hour after hour of wideness, mountain ranges and plains, terrain that doesn't so much have features as textures.
  • With regard to the wideness of the roads in Wellington, we certainly wish some were a little wider, but they do add to the character of the city.


Example sentences
  • The wicketkeeper also played his part with a superb catch as the Tasmanian swished at the widish delivery.
  • The opener fished at a widish delivery, edging it to Parthiv Patel behind the stumps.
  • But then, such is the talent level of this gifted left-hander that he can effortlessly caress a widish delivery past the ropes, and thump a lightning quick yorker to the fence!


Old English wīd 'spacious, extensive', wīde 'over a large area', of Germanic origin.

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