Definition of worn out in English:

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worn out


1Extremely tired; exhausted: you look worn out
More example sentences
  • He appeared to be older than he actually was, gaunt and tired, worn-out and thin.
  • Instead he comes across looking like a lazy, tired, worn-out Premier.
  • Saying yes to everyone only makes you tired and worn-out.
informal worn to a frazzle, all in, done in, dog-tired, dead on one's feet, dead beat, fit to drop, played out, fagged out, shattered, bushed
British informal knackered, whacked, jiggered
North American informal pooped, tuckered out
rare fordone
2Damaged or shabby to the point of being no longer usable: worn-out shoes
More example sentences
  • At the same time, the older, worn-out tools further damaged what little agriculture was on.
  • Gabrielle works at nights washing car windows, and owns nothing but a pair of jeans, a couple of jumpers, a hat and a pair of worn-out shoes.
  • At a party, I met Todd, another solo walker, and we were soon comparing the worn-out soles of our shoes.
shabby, well worn, worn, worn to shreds, threadbare, tattered, in tatters, in ribbons, in rags, in holes, holey, falling to pieces, falling apart at the seams, ragged, frayed, patched, moth-eaten, faded, seedy, shoddy, sorry, scruffy, dilapidated, crumbling, broken-down, run down, tumbledown, decrepit, deteriorated, on its last legs, having seen better days, time-worn
informal tatty, ratty, the worse for wear, clapped out
British informal grotty
North American informal raggedy, raggedy-ass
Australian/New Zealand informal warby
literary rent
2.1(Of an idea, method, or system) used so often or existing for so long as to be considered valueless: he portrayed the Tories as the party of worn-out ideas
More example sentences
  • Last year's turbulence could also be seen as the rubric forces of the cosmic dance of Kali, crushing beneath her feet all that had to go - the baggage of the past, the worn-out belief systems and prejudices.
  • ‘The industry's present state is due to its old and worn-out ideas,’ he says.
  • On her view, such integration would help both architects and philosophers think of space in dynamic and creative, rather than static and worn-out ways.
informal played out, corny, hacky, old hat

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