Definition of worth in English:

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Pronunciation: /wəːθ/


1Equivalent in value to the sum or item specified: jewellery worth £450 was taken
More example sentences
  • Each authority will end up with separate contracts and their total value will be worth more than £100m a year.
  • However, the modern Dutch cow creamer is worth one-tenth the value of an 18th century English one.
  • Then, one barrel of oil was worth the equivalent of $80 in today's terms.
1.1Having income or property amounting to a specified sum: she is worth £10 million
More example sentences
  • So you are saying that a human life is worth a specific amount of money?
  • If you're worth that amount of money, you tell people what you really think.
  • Let's just put that into perspective for a second Chelsea are a team who are made up of several international and high value players worth millions.
2Sufficiently good, important, or interesting to be treated or regarded in the way specified: the museums in the district are well worth a visit it’s hard work juggling a job with a baby, but it’s worth it
More example sentences
  • Their websites in themselves are quite interesting and worth a visit.
  • They only wanted one segment from New Zealand and had chosen me as the only character here interesting enough to be worth filming.
  • An ancient Jain Temple and a temple of Har-Gauri are important spots worth seeing.
2.1Used to suggest that the specified course of action may be advisable: the company’s service schemes are worth checking out
More example sentences
  • As the banks vary these extras from one year to the next, it is worth checking that cover is in place for driving on the continent.
  • Is it worth paying thousands of pounds for a small triangle of land?
  • Is it worth setting up an elaborate structure without knowing the commercial value of its intended output?


[mass noun]
1The level at which someone or something deserves to be valued or rated: they had to listen to every piece of gossip and judge its worth
More example sentences
  • Assess your job role now, compared to what it was when you started, so that you can put a value on your current worth.
  • There have been countless arguments over the years about the worth of level wind mechanisms on boat fishing reels.
  • A moral criterion is the measure we use for determining the value or worth of an action, principle, rule or attitude.
1.1An amount of a commodity equivalent to a specified sum of money: he admitted stealing 10,000 pounds' worth of computer systems
More example sentences
  • In total, I had technically lost nearly four hundred dollars worth of money.
  • Printing up trillions of dollars' worth of new money was bound to have an effect.
  • There's more than half-a-million pounds' worth of prize money for these first three races.
value, financial value, monetary value, price, asking price, selling price, cost;
valuation, quotation, estimate, assessment
1.2High value or merit: he is noble, and gains his position by showing his inner worth
More example sentences
  • Given the context of a man seemingly re-evaluating his sense of inner worth, how does he feel now about his music having been used in car adverts?
  • It takes years to build up your image and esteem to the point where the your inner sense of worth meets your outer sense.
  • We have always tried to make her see that the inner worth of people is what is important, not the expensive trappings on the outside.
benefit, advantage, use, value, virtue, usefulness, utility, service, gain, profit, avail, validity, help, assistance, aid;
desirability, attractiveness, allure, appeal;
significance, point, sense
informal mileage, percentage
archaic behoof
worthiness, merit, meritoriousness, credit, value, excellence, calibre, quality, stature, eminence, greatness, consequence, importance, significance, distinction, superiority;
2The amount that could be achieved or produced in a specified time: the companies have debts greater than two years' worth of their sales
More example sentences
  • I'm back from my vacation and just spent the last hour or two catching up on a week's worth of Power Line.
  • One even had a year's worth of transactions with account numbers from a cash machine in Illinois.
  • To get a decent sense of the trend, calculate at least two years' worth of quarterly inventory sales numbers.



for all someone is worth

informal As energetically or enthusiastically as someone can: he thumps the drums for all he’s worth
More example sentences
  • Let him not worry if he cannot avoid killing the snake, but try for all he is worth to overcome the anger and ill-will of men by his patient endeavour as a first step towards cultivating universal love.
  • Just when things look darkest, there is a glimmer of hope, and the good guy decides he is going to fight for all he is worth to get what he wants.
  • Haircuts have always been something my son is extremely resistive to that he tends to fight for all he is worth.

for what it is worth

Used to emphasize that one is offering a suggestion or opinion without making a claim to its validity: for what it’s worth, she’s very highly thought of abroad
More example sentences
  • My own opinion, for what it is worth, is that Ethel was almost certainly guilty.
  • My advice, for what it is worth, is that you should confine yourself to telling the story, entering the minds of the leading characters from time to time, and telling us what they are thinking and feeling.
  • I know there will be a good many people who will say I'm not right, but for what it is worth, I tell you I'm not wrong either.

worth one's salt

see salt.

worth one's while (or worth while)

see while.


Old English w(e)orth (adjective and noun), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch waard and German wert.

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