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‘Oh see, can you say…’ linguistic confusion for a Brit in America


When you’re a Brit living in the United States, as I am, sooner or later – and it’s usually sooner, even if you’re trying…

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Word of the day jaunty
Pronunciation: ˈjôntē
having a lively, cheerful, and self-confident manner...

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Feminist language: 5 terms you need to know


The film star Emma Watson gave a speech at the United Nations this September to launch “He For She” — a campaign asking men…

Spiflicated, mopsy, and spondulicks: historical synonyms for everyday things
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Spiflicated, mopsy, and spondulicks: historical synonyms for everyday things


In Words in Time and Place, David Crystal explores fifteen fascinating sets of synonyms, using the Historical Thesaurus of…