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-in1 US English

Forming names of organic compounds, pharmaceutical products, proteins, etc.

-in2 US English

Denoting a gathering of people having a common purpose, typically as a form of protest

in US English

Expressing the situation of something that is or appears to be enclosed or surrounded by something else

In US English

The chemical element indium

IN US English

Indiana (in official postal use)

in-2 US English

In; into; toward; within

in-1 US English

(Added to adjectives) not

in US Thesaurus

she was hiding in the closet

in. US English


into the bargain US English

In addition to what was expected; moreover

behalf US English

In the interests of a person, group, or principle

at the best of times US English

Even in the most favorable circumstances

best of breed US English

The animal in a show judged to be the best representative of its breed

between times US English

In the intervals between other actions

bound up with US English

Closely connected with or related to

call something into question US English

Cast doubt on something

under the circumstances US English

Given the difficult nature of the situation

dip one's toe into US English

Put one’s toe briefly in (water), typically to check the temperature

so far as US English

To the extent that

after the fashion of US English

In a manner similar to

set foot on US English

Enter; go into

indium US English

The chemical element of atomic number 49, a soft silvery-white metal occurring naturally in association with zinc and some other metals

In in indium US English

The chemical element of atomic number 49, a soft silvery-white metal occurring naturally in association with zinc and some other metals

stick the knife into someone US English

Do something hostile or aggressive to someone

at law US English

According to or concerned with the laws of a country

by leaps and bounds US English

With startlingly rapid progress

within reach US English

Inside the distance to which someone can stretch out their hand

with reference to US English

In relation to; as regards

with regard to US English

As concerns; with respect to

full rig US English

(Wearing) fancy or ceremonial clothes

rule something out US English

Exclude (or include) something as a possibility

stop by US English

Call briefly and informally as a visitor

up on US English

Well informed about

by virtue of US English

Because or as a result of

go-in US English

Frequently with at. An attack, an onslaught; a quarrel, an argument; a ‘set-to’. Compare run-in. Chiefly Australian in later use.

in on US English

Privy to (a secret)

in re US English

In the legal case of; with regard to

add-in US English

A device or piece of software that can be added to a computer to give extra features or functions

all in US English


in all US English

In total number; altogether

in bud US English

(Of a plant) having newly formed buds

buy-in US English

A purchase of shares by a broker after a seller has failed to deliver similar shares, the original seller being charged any difference in cost

cut in US English

Interrupt someone while they are speaking

cut-in US English

A shot in a movie that is edited into another shot or scene

die-in US English

A demonstration in which people lie down as if dead

eat-in US English

(Of a kitchen) designed for eating in as well as cooking

fan-in US English

The number of inputs that can be connected to a circuit

fit in US English

(Of a person) be socially compatible with other members of a group

fly-in US English

A meeting for pilots who arrive by air

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