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-ism US English

Forming nouns:

ism US English

A distinctive practice, system, or philosophy, typically a political ideology or an artistic movement

I-ism US English

(A) Metaphysics the reference of all things to one's own consciousness, egoism. (b) nonce-wd. The frequent use of ‘I’, egotism of style.

me-ism US English

Usually depreciative. A personal religion or creed, frequently incorporating beliefs or practices from various other sources.

nothing-but-ism US English

An oversimplistic approach to the explanation of a phenomenon, which excludes complicating factors; reductionism.

well-to-do-ism US English

= well-to-do-ness.

nabism US English

Art. In form Nabism. The artistic theories or style of the Nabis.

Natoism US English

Commitment to NATO.

nonism US English

General abstention from activities and substances regarded as damaging to one’s health or well-being

ad hocism US English

Depreciative. The use of (or tendency to use) ad hoc measures, rather than general long-term strategies, to deal with issues, situations, etc.

plein-airism US English

The theories, practices, or style of the plein-air school of painting.

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