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AID US English

Agency for International Development

aid US English

Help, typically of a practical nature

aid US Thesaurus

with the aid of his colleagues he prepared a manifesto

aid man US English

A person attached to a military unit to provide emergency medical care; a paramedic or first-aider.

sex aid US English

A device designed for sexual stimulation or to enhance sexual pleasure or performance; a sex toy.

aid money US English

Money exacted as an aid by the Crown or a feudal lord (now rare; historical in later use).

aid post US English

A place at which wounded soldiers receive initial medical attention.

Band-Aid US English

An adhesive bandage with a gauze pad in the center, used to cover minor wounds

deaf aid US English

A hearing aid

Farm Aid US English

An organization whose annual concert of blues, country, and rock music promotes awareness of the need to protect and support family farms in the United States

first aid US English

Help given to a sick or injured person until full medical treatment is available

food aid US English

Help in the form of basic items of food given to a country or region suffering from a food shortage

gift aid US English

Financial aid that does not require repayment, such as student grants and scholarships

grant aid US English

Financial assistance, especially money that is granted by central government to local government or an institution

Kool-Aid US English

A powder that is added to water or another liquid to make a fruit-flavored soft drink

legal aid US English

Free legal advice or representation for a person who cannot afford it

rinse aid US English

A liquid used in dishwashers to prevent the final rinse from leaving streaks on the china, glass, etc., while drying.

first aid US Thesaurus

everyone should learn the fundamentals of first aid

in aid of US English

In support of; for the purpose of raising money for

aid agency US English

An agency which provides aid or support to people in need; (in later use) specifically one providing international aid.

aid prayer US English

A claim for help in defending an action from someone who has a joint interest in the defence.

aid station US English

Military a military medical station.

aid worker US English

A person engaged in providing aid or support to others; (in later use) specifically one involved in international aid; a person who works for an aid agency.

federal aid US English

Financial or material assistance provided by the federal government to state or local governments, or to U.S. businesses, institutions, etc.

foreign aid US English

Money, food, or other resources given or lent by one country to another

hearing aid US English

A small device that fits in or on the ear, worn by a partially deaf person to amplify sound

machine aid US English

A computer aid used by human translators, especially a program which performs straightforward translation tasks (as distinct from a completely automatic translation program).

marital aid US English

Any device for the production or enhancement of sexual stimulation.

mutual aid US English

Support or assistance given and reciprocated (in later use especially as a social or political mechanism); particular reciprocal agreements in international affairs, civil administration, etc.

visual aid US English

An item of illustrative matter, such as a film, slide, or model, designed to supplement written or spoken information so that it can be understood more easily

aid climbing US English

Rock climbing using the assistance of objects such as pitons placed in the rock

buoyancy aid US English

A sleeveless jacket lined with buoyant material, worn for water sports

Christian Aid US English

A charity supported by most of the Christian Churches in the UK and operating chiefly in developing countries, where it works for disaster relief and supports development projects

Marshall aid US English

Funding provided under the Marshall Plan.

material aid US English

Aid in the form of money or practical goods, as opposed to effort, etc.; specifically food or other non-financial aid given to a developing nation, or to victims of war or natural disaster.

training aid US English

Practical or material support provided to facilitate training; something used to assist in carrying out training.

artificial aid US English

A device such as a crampon, piton, etc., used to assist a climber (ropes and other safety equipment typically not being classed in this way).

grant-in-aid US English

An amount of money given to a local government, an institution, or a particular scholar

penetration aid US English

An object released from a missile as a decoy to draw off any attacking missiles.

first aid kit US English

A small box containing items such as bandages, plasters, and antiseptic wipes for use in giving help to a sick or injured person until full medical treatment is available

first aid post US English

A place specially designated for administering first aid.

first aid officer US English

A person trained to give basic medical help and nominated to administer this as required in an organization or at a public event

Ladies' Aid Society US English

(North American) an organization of women who support the work of a church by fund-raising, arranging social activities, etc.

drink the Kool-Aid US English

Demonstrate unquestioning obedience or loyalty to someone or something

abet US English

Encourage or assist (someone) to do something wrong, in particular, to commit a crime or other offense

in aid of in aid US English

In support of; for the purpose of raising money for

band-aid in Band-Aid US English

A makeshift or temporary solution

Gift Aid in gift aid US English

A program enabling registered charities to reclaim tax on a donation made by a UK taxpayer, effectively increasing the amount of the donation

Eid-al-Adha US English

The Festival of Sacrifice, a major feast in the Islamic calendar commemorating Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son upon God's commandment, traditionally celebrated with the symbolic sacrifice of an animal, and commencing on the tenth day of the twelfth month in the Muslim calendar (Arabic Dhū al-ḥijja), marking the end of the hajj; = Greater Bairam.

grants-in-aid in grant-in-aid US English

An amount of money given to a local government, an institution, or a particular scholar

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