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AIDS US English

A disease in which there is a severe loss of the body’s cellular immunity, greatly lowering the resistance to infection and malignancy

aid US English

A person or thing that is a source of help or assistance

Aids in AIDS US English

A disease in which there is a severe loss of the body’s cellular immunity, greatly lowering the resistance to infection and malignancy


HIV infection and AIDS considered as a spectrum or a single entity.

post-AIDS US English

Of or designating the period since the emergence of the AIDS virus in the early 1980s.

pre-AIDS US English

Following infection with HIV but before the full development of AIDS

AIDS-related US English

Related to or associated with AIDS.

AIDS-related complex US English

The symptoms of a person who is infected with HIV but does not necessarily develop the disease

sex aid US English

A device designed for sexual stimulation or to enhance sexual pleasure or performance; a sex toy.

Band-Aid US English

An adhesive bandage with a gauze pad in the center, used to cover minor wounds

deaf aid US English

A hearing aid

gift aid US English

Make (a donation) to a registered charity under the Gift Aid program

Kool-Aid US English

A powder that is added to water or another liquid to make a fruit-flavored soft drink

federal aid US English

Financial or material assistance provided by the federal government to state or local governments, or to U.S. businesses, institutions, etc.

grant aid US English

Give grant aid to

hearing aid US English

A small device that fits in or on the ear, worn by a partially deaf person to amplify sound

machine aid US English

A computer aid used by human translators, especially a program which performs straightforward translation tasks (as distinct from a completely automatic translation program).

marital aid US English

Any device for the production or enhancement of sexual stimulation.

mutual aid US English

Support or assistance given and reciprocated (in later use especially as a social or political mechanism); particular reciprocal agreements in international affairs, civil administration, etc.

rinse aid US English

A liquid used in dishwashers to prevent the final rinse from leaving streaks on the china, glass, etc., while drying.

visual aid US English

An item of illustrative matter, such as a film, slide, or model, designed to supplement written or spoken information so that it can be understood more easily

buoyancy aid US English

A sleeveless jacket lined with buoyant material, worn for water sports

Marshall aid US English

Funding provided under the Marshall Plan.

material aid US English

Aid in the form of money or practical goods, as opposed to effort, etc.; specifically food or other non-financial aid given to a developing nation, or to victims of war or natural disaster.

training aid US English

Practical or material support provided to facilitate training; something used to assist in carrying out training.

abet US English

Encourage or assist (someone) to do something wrong, in particular, to commit a crime or other offense

artificial aid US English

A device such as a crampon, piton, etc., used to assist a climber (ropes and other safety equipment typically not being classed in this way).

penetration aid US English

An object released from a missile as a decoy to draw off any attacking missiles.