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Anthozoa US English

A large class of sedentary marine coelenterates that includes the sea anemones and corals. They are either solitary or colonial, and have a central mouth surrounded by tentacles

Anthozoa in coral US English

A sedentary coelenterate of warm and tropical seas, with a calcareous, horny, or soft skeleton. Most corals are colonial and many rely on the presence of green algae in their tissues to obtain energy from sunlight

Anthozoa in gorgonian US English

A colonial coral of an order distinguished by a horny, treelike skeleton, including the sea fans and precious red coral

Anthozoa in red coral US English

A branching pinkish-red horny coral that is used in jewelry

Anthozoa in sea anemone US English

A sedentary marine coelenterate with a columnar body that bears a ring of stinging tentacles around the mouth

Anthozoa in sea pen US English

A marine coelenterate related to the corals, forming a feather-shaped colony with a horny or calcareous skeleton

Anthozoa in Zoantharia US English

A group of coelenterates with polyps that bear more than eight tentacles, including the sea anemones and stony corals