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Bône US English

Former name for Annaba.

bone US English

Any of the pieces of hard, whitish tissue making up the skeleton in humans and other vertebrates

bone US Thesaurus

don't give the dog that chicken bone

T-bone US English

A large choice piece of loin steak containing a T-shaped bone

air bone US English

A hollow bone containing air, as characteristic of birds.

boat-bone US English

The navicular bone in the human ankle.

to the bone US English

(Of a wound) so deep as to expose a person’s bone

bone ash US English

The mineral residue of calcined bones, used chiefly in the production of bone china and fertilizers

bone-dry US English

Extremely or completely dry

bone idle US English

Extremely idle or lazy

ear bone US English

Any of the bones enclosing or forming part of the ear; specifically = ossicle.

face bone US English

Any of the bones of the face; especially a cheekbone.

fish bone US English

Any of the bones forming the skeleton of a fish, especially one of the sharp slender bones attached to the backbone

head bone US English

The skull; any of the individual bones of the skull.

heel bone US English

The calcaneus

key-bone US English

The clavicle (now rare).

long bone US English

Any of the bones of the skeleton whose length is their greatest dimension, and which typically consist of a slender cylindrical shaft (diaphysis) with wider ends (epiphyses).

neck-bone US English

Originally: the part of the spine in the neck; the cervical spine. Later also: each of the individual bones of this part of the spine; a cervical vertebra.

pin bone US English

A projecting hip bone, especially of a horse or cow.

play bone US English

A bone with which games are played; a bone used as a dog's plaything.

pull-bone US English

= wish-bone.

raw-bone US English

= raw-boned.

ruel-bone US English

Ivory, probably from the tusk of a walrus or narwhal; = ruel; (also) a piece of ivory. Hence occasionally as adjective: made of this. Now archaic and literary.

rump-bone US English

Any of various bones of the rump or hindquarters, specifically (a) a bone at the base of the spine; the coccyx, sacrum, or (in birds) the pygostyle.

skin bone US English

= dermal bone.

ankle bone US English

The chief bone of the ankle joint; the talus

bone black US English

Fine charcoal made by burning animal bones in a closed container, used as a pigment and in the refining of sugar

bone china US English

Fine china made of clay mixed with bone ash

bone spavin US English

Osteoarthritis of the hock in horses, which may cause swelling and lameness

bone-weary US English

Utterly weary; extremely tired

cannon bone US English

A long, tube-shaped bone in the lower leg of a horse or other large quadruped, between the fetlock and the knee or hock

coffin bone US English

The terminal bone in a horse’s hoof (the distal phalanx)

crazy bone US English

Another term for funny bone.

death bone US English

(In plural) the bones of a dead person or dead people, or of someone about to die.

dermal bone US English

A bone that does not have a cartilaginous precursor and is formed by differentiation of dermal mesenchyme cells into osteoblasts; specifically one which is connected with the ectodermal basement membrane by dentine or enamel, or which is homologous with such a bone.

funny bone US English

The part of the elbow over which the ulnar nerve passes. A knock on the funny bone may cause numbness and pain along the forearm and hand

green-bone US English

The viviparous blenny, Zoarces viviparus.

marble bone US English

(Chiefly in plural) = marble bone disease.

mutton bone US English

The bone remaining from a joint of mutton.

nasal bone US English

Either of a pair of bones forming the bridge and base of the nose.

palate bone US English

A bone forming part of the palate or roof of the mouth of a vertebrate; specifically the palatine bone.

pedal bone US English

The coffin bone in a horse's foot.

penis bone US English

= os penis.

pinion bone US English

Each of the bones of the terminal segment of a bird's wing; the carpal, metacarpal, and phalangeal bones together, as removed when a bird is pinioned.

plate-bone US English

The shoulder blade, the scapula.

pully-bone US English

= wish-bone Compare pulling bone.

raven's bone US English

A cartilaginous part of the breastbone of a deer (probably the xiphoid process).

rider's bone US English

Heterotopic ossification involving the tendon of the adductor longus muscle of the thigh, occurring chiefly in those who frequently ride horses; an instance of this.

ridge bone US English

The spine or backbone (now rare); (in early use also) †a vertebra (obsolete). In later use also: any of various other ridge-like bones or projecting parts of bones, such as the keel of the sternum, the spine of the scapula, or the alveolar process of a jawbone.

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