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Bill US English

The police

bill1 US English

An amount of money owed for goods supplied or services rendered, set out in a printed or written statement of charges

bill2 US English

The beak of a bird, especially when it is slender, flattened, or weak, or belongs to a web-footed bird or a bird of the pigeon family

bill3 US English

A medieval weapon like a halberd with a hook instead of a blade

be billed in bill1 US English

List (a person or event) in a program

bill1 US Thesaurus

a bill for $60

bill2 US Thesaurus

a bird's bill

T-bill US English

Short for Treasury bill.

no bill US English

A notation made by a grand jury on an indictment presented to it, when it finds insufficient evidence for prosecution; a case or indictment rejected on these grounds. Also interjection, as an endorsement.

no-bill US English

Of a grand jury: to reject (a case) with a notation of ‘no bill’.

bank bill US English

A bill of exchange drawn by one bank on another

bulk bill US English

(Of a doctor) choose reduced fees paid directly by the government via the Medicare system, rather than bill patients fully and bear the cost of billing

gas bill US English

(Chiefly with capital initials) a legislative bill concerned with the supply, manufacture, or use of gas.

mill bill US English

A steel adze fixed in a wooden handle, used for dressing and cracking millstones; this adze alone (rare).

navy bill US English

A promissory note or bill issued by the Navy Board instead of cash payment; (also) a promissory note drawn by a naval officer on the Admiralty (formerly the Navy Board).

pay bill US English

A document containing details of wages paid or payable to an employee or group of employees.

pied-bill US English

= pied-billed; (also as noun) a pied-billed grebe.

poll bill US English

A parliamentary bill for levying a poll tax.

ring-bill US English

The ring-necked duck, Aythya collaris, which has a white band around its grey bill.

rosy-bill US English

A South American pochard, Netta peposaca, the male of which has chiefly black plumage and a pinkish-red bill.

show bill US English

An advertising poster, especially for a theater performance

time bill US English

A timetable for a railway or other means of transport, posted as a bill for public view. Compare timetable. Now historical.

true bill US English

A bill of indictment found by a grand jury to be supported by sufficient evidence to justify the hearing of a case

wage bill US English

The amount paid in wages by an employer to employees

black bill US English

A type of halberd with a black head.

bottle bill US English

Any of several US state laws that require deposits to be paid on beverages sold in recyclable bottles and cans

Brady Bill US English

A provision of US federal law that requires a waiting period for handgun purchases and background checks on those who wish to purchase handguns

Brandt, Bill US English

(1904–83), German-born British photographer; full name Hermann Wilhelm Brandt. He is best known for his almost abstract treatment of the nude, as in Perspectives of Nudes (1961)

Cosby, Bill US English

(1937-), US comedian, actor, and writer; full name William Henry Cosby, Jr. He was the first African American to star in a weekly television drama (I Spy; 1965–68). His comedy series The Cosby Show 1984–92 was one of the most successful programs in television history. He wrote Fatherhood (1986) and Love and Marriage (1989)

death bill US English

A list of those who have died; specifically (Christian Church) a list of dead to be prayed for.

double bill US English

A program of entertainment with two main items or personalities

Gates, Bill US English

(1955-), US computer entrepreneur and philanthropist; full name William Henry Gates. In 1975, he cofounded Microsoft, a computer software company, the success of which made him the youngest multibillionaire in US history. With his wife, he established the philanthropic Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2000

Haley, Bill US English

(1925–81), US rock-and-roll singer; full name William John Clifton Haley. His song “Rock Around the Clock” (1954) helped to establish the popularity of rock and roll

house bill US English

A poster or programme advertising and describing a theatrical performance. Compare playbill. Now chiefly historical.

hybrid bill US English

(In the UK) a legislative bill that combines the characteristics of a private and public bill

Kaiser Bill US English

A nickname for: Wilhelm I, emperor of Germany (1871–88), or (usually) Wilhelm II, emperor of Germany (1888–1918). Now historical.

labour bill US English

A proposed piece of legislation concerned with labour conditions, the workforce, etc.

mixed bill US English

A varied programme of entertainment, often containing elements of dance, music, and drama; also in extended use.

paper bill US English

A bill for goods or services in paper form, as opposed to one that is delivered electronically

phone bill US English

A statement of charges for the use of a telephone.

Place Bill US English

A version of a Place Act in bill form.

plague bill US English

An official return or report of the deaths caused by the plague in a district.

prick-bill US English

A junior student at Christ Church, Oxford, responsible for recording compulsory chapel attendance by pricking off on a list the names of undergraduates as they enter the college chapel.

public bill US English

A proposed law that affects the public as a whole

quota bill US English

A bill to establish by law a certain quota; (British History) a Parliamentary bill passed in March 1795 under which each county and (by a supplementary bill passed in April) each port had to supply a certain quota of men to the navy.

ransom bill US English

A document which represents a formal undertaking to pay a ransom for something, especially a captured ship (now historical).

raven's bill US English

Any of various weapons and tools having a head resembling the bill of a raven.

reform bill US English

A bill proposing political or constitutional reform; specifically (with capital initials) one of the bills presented to the British parliament which ultimately resulted in one of the Reform Acts.

Tilden, Bill US English

(1893–53), US tennis player; full name William Tatem Tilden II. During 1920–30, he won the men’s singles title at seven US Open and three Wimbledon tournaments. He led the US to seven straight Davis Cup victories 1920–26

Welsh bill US English

A weapon or agricultural implement consisting of a staff with a long curved blade at the top and a vertical spike attached to a spur projecting from the back.

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