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Boston1 US English

A city in eastern Massachusetts, the capital of the state, on Massachusetts Bay; population 609,023 (est. 2008). It was founded circa 1630 by the Massachusetts Bay Company under its governor, John Winthrop (1588–1649). Boston was the scene of many disturbances that led to the American Revolution at the end of the 18th century

Boston2 US English

A card game resembling solo whist

Boston crab US English

A hold in which a wrestler sits astride a prone opponent and pulls upwards on the opponent’s legs

Boston fern US English

A variety of sword fern, with long, arching bright green fronds, widely cultivated especially as a hanging houseplant

Boston ivy US English

A Virginia creeper with three-lobed leaves, cultivated for its foliage

Boston rocker US English

A rocking chair with a decorative panel on a high spindled back and with arms and a seat that curves downward at the front

South Boston US English

A residential district of eastern Boston in Massachusetts, noted for its Irish working-class community

Boston lettuce US English

A butterhead lettuce of a variety that has medium or light green leaves

Boston terrier US English

A small smooth-coated terrier of a breed originating in Massachusetts from a crossing of the bulldog and terrier

Boston baked beans US English

A dish of baked beans with salt pork and molasses

Boston cream pie US English

A round, two-layer cake that is filled with custard or cream and frosted, usually with chocolate

Boston Tea Party US English

A violent demonstration in 1773 by American colonists before the American Revolution. Colonists boarded vessels in Boston harbor and threw the cargoes of tea into the water in protest at the imposition of a tax on tea by the British Parliament, in which the colonists had no representation

Boston ivy in ivy US English

Used in names of climbing plants similar to ivy, e.g., poison ivy, Boston ivy