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Curie US English

Name of French physicists Marie (1867–1934), born Maria Sklodowska in Poland, and her husband Pierre (1859–1906); pioneers in radioactivity. Working together on the mineral pitchblende, they discovered the elements polonium and radium. After her husband’s accidental death, Marie isolated radium. She died of leukemia, caused by prolonged exposure to radioactive materials. She shared the 1903 Nobel Prize for Physics and the 1911 Nobel Prize for Chemistry with Becquerel

curie US English

A unit of radioactivity, corresponding to 3.7 × 1010 disintegrations per second

Joliot-Curie in Joliot, Jean-Frédéric US English

(1900–58), French nuclear physicist. As Marie Curie’s assistant at the Radium Institute, he worked with her daughter Irène (1897–1956), whom he married (taking the name Joliot-Curie); together they discovered artificial radioactivity. Nobel Prize for Chemistry (1935), shared with his wife