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formula US English

A mathematical relationship or rule expressed in symbols

formulas in formula US English

A mathematical relationship or rule expressed in symbols

formula US Thesaurus

a legal formula

Formula One US English

An international form of auto racing, whose races are called Grand Prix

Hero's formula US English

A formula giving the area of a triangle in terms of the lengths of its sides.

magic formula US English

A prescribed code or rubric, such as a spoken incantation or recipe for a potion, supposed to produce effects by or as if by magic.

church formula US English

The constitution or creed of a particular church.

dental formula US English

A formula expressing the number and kinds of teeth possessed by a mammal. A dental formula is usually written in the form of four “fractions,” one for each type of tooth, with the upper and lower lines describing the upper and lower jaws respectively

Euler's formula US English

The geometric formula V − E + F = 2, where V, E, and F are the numbers of vertices, edges, and faces of any simple convex polyhedron or of an equivalent topological graph

Planck's formula US English

Any of a number of related equations stating Planck's radiation law.

Rydberg formula US English

An equation giving the wave numbers of the spectral lines of hydrogen or hydrogen-like atoms, especially of a hypothetical atom having a nucleus of infinite mass.

addition formula US English

An equation in which one quantity is expressed in terms of a sum of other quantities; specifically any of several standard formulae which express a trigonometrical function of a sum or a difference of angles as a sum or difference of products of similar functions of the individual angles.

empirical formula US English

A formula giving the proportions of the elements present in a compound but not the actual numbers or arrangement of atoms

haversine formula US English

A formula involving haversines which allows the shortest distance between two points on the surface of a sphere to be calculated using the longitude and latitude of each point.

molecular formula US English

A formula giving the number of atoms of each of the elements present in one molecule of a specific compound

Neumann's formula US English

An integral formula giving the mutual inductance between a pair of neighbouring closed circuits.

prismoidal formula US English

A formula for calculating the volume of a prismoid or truncated pyramid, and hence that of a body or excavation regarded as composed of a number of prismoids.

Rankine's formula US English

Any of a number of formulae derived by Rankine in his work in various fields; specifically one giving the load under which a supporting column will collapse in terms of the height and cross-section of the column, and quantities determined by the material of which it is made.

rational formula US English

A chemical formula that gives the number and types of atoms in a compound with an indication of the groups and radicals present.

recurrence formula US English

= recurrence relation.

recursion formula US English

An equation relating the value of a function for a given value of its argument (or arguments) to its values for other values of the argument(s)

structural formula US English

A formula that shows the arrangement of atoms in the molecule of a compound

structure formula US English

= structural formula.

Poiseuille's formula US English

= Poiseuille's equation.

Rutherford's formula US English

= Rutherford's law.

Mellin's inversion formula US English

A formula for performing an integral transform between variables x and s in which the integrand with respect to x is g(s) = ∫ x s−1 f(x) dx.

Planck's radiation formula US English

A formula stating Planck's radiation law.

chemical formula in formula US English

A set of chemical symbols showing the elements present in a compound and their relative proportions, and in some cases the structure of the compound

Parseval's formula in Parseval2 US English

Attributive and in the genitive. Designating (any of various forms of) a theorem which relates the integral of a product of two periodic functions to the sum of the products of their respective Fourier coefficients; specifically a form of the theorem in which the two periodic functions are taken to be equal, i.e. giving an expression for the integral of the square of a periodic function. Especially in Parseval's formula, Parseval's theorem.

prismatoid formula in prismatoid US English

Chiefly Geometry. Relating to a prismatoid; prismoidal.

Black-Scholes formula in Black-Scholes US English

Attributive Designating a mathematical model for calculating the value of stock options, as Black–Scholes model, Black–Scholes option pricing model, etc. Also: designating the formula or equation used in this model, as Black-Scholes equation, Black-Scholes formula, etc.

Newton–Cotes formula in Newton–Cotes US English

Attributive Designating or relating to (any of) a class of formulae based on Newton's method which are used to find approximate integrals for functions over a finite range (e.g. Simpson's rule, the three-eighths rule); especially in Newton–Cotes formula.

Newton–Raphson formula in Newton–Raphson US English

Attributive Designating an iterative method for finding a numerical solution to an equation in one or more dimensions; especially in Newton–Raphson iteration, Newton–Raphson method; Newton–Raphson formula noun the formula which is iterated in this method.