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Hydrozoa US English

A class of coelenterates that includes hydras and Portuguese men-of-war. Many of them are colonial, and some kinds have both polypoid and medusoid phases

Hydrozoa in fire coral US English

A colonial corallike hydrozoan, the heavy external skeleton of which forms reefs. The polyps bear nematocysts that can inflict painful stings

Hydrozoa in hydra US English

A minute freshwater coelenterate with a stalklike tubular body and a ring of tentacles around the mouth

Hydrozoa in hydroid US English

A coelenterate of an order that includes the hydras. They are distinguished by the dominance of the polyp phase

Hydrozoa in hydrozoan US English

A coelenterate of the class Hydrozoa, such as a hydra or Portuguese man-of-war

Hydrozoa in obelia US English

A genus of marine animals that bear polyps and produce medusae, and that form colonies that attach to rocks or the ocean bottom

Hydrozoa in Portuguese man-of-war US English

A floating colonial coelenterate with a number of polyps and a conspicuous float. It occurs chiefly in warm seas, and bears long tentacles that can inflict painful stings