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Neuroptera US English

An order of predatory flying insects that includes the lacewings, snake flies, and ant lions. They have four finely veined membranous wings

Neuroptera in alderfly US English

A brownish flylike insect that lives near water and has predatory aquatic larvae

Neuroptera in ant lion US English

An insect that resembles a dragonfly, with predatory larvae that construct conical pits into which insect prey, especially ants, fall

Neuroptera in dobsonfly US English

A large gray North American winged insect related to the alderflies. Its predatory aquatic larva (the hellgrammite) is often used as fishing bait

Neuroptera in lacewing US English

A slender, delicate insect with large clear membranous wings. Both the adults and larvae are typically predators of aphids

Neuroptera in Neuroptera US English

Insects of the order Neuroptera

Neuroptera in neuropteran US English

A predatory flying insect of the order Neuroptera, such as a lacewing or alderfly

Neuroptera in snake fly US English

A slender woodland insect with transparent wings and a long “neck” that allows the head to be raised above the body

neuroptera in Neuroptera US English

Insects of the order Neuroptera