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Phasmida US English

An order of insects that comprises the stick insects and leaf insects. They have very long bodies that resemble twigs or leaves

Phasmida in ancylostomiasis US English

Hookworm infection of the small intestine, often leading to anemia

Phasmida in animated stick US English

A stick insect of the eastern Australian coast, which is one of the world’s longest insects at up to 25 cm

Phasmida in eye worm US English

Either of two parasitic nematode worms that affect the eyes of mammals

Phasmida in filaria US English

A threadlike parasitic nematode worm transmitted by biting flies and mosquitoes, causing filariasis and related diseases

Phasmida in gapeworm US English

A parasitic nematode worm that infests the trachea and bronchi of birds, causing the gapes

Phasmida in guinea worm US English

A very long parasitic nematode worm that lives under the skin of infected humans and other mammals in rural Africa and Asia

Phasmida in heartworm US English

A parasitic nematode worm which infests the hearts of dogs and other animals

Phasmida in hookworm US English

A parasitic nematode worm that inhabits the intestines of humans and other animals. It has hooklike mouthparts with which it attaches itself to the wall of the gut, puncturing the blood vessels and feeding on the blood

Phasmida in kidney worm US English

A parasitic nematode worm which infests the kidneys of mammals

Phasmida in leaf insect US English

A large, slow-moving tropical insect related to the stick insects, with a flattened body that is leaflike in shape and color

Phasmida in lungworm US English

A parasitic nematode worm found in the lungs of mammals, especially farm and domestic animals

Phasmida in pinworm US English

A small nematode worm that is an internal parasite of vertebrates

Phasmida in red worm US English

A parasitic nematode worm occurring in the intestines of horses

Phasmida in river blindness US English

A tropical skin disease caused by a parasitic filarial worm, transmitted by the bite of blackflies (Simulium damnosum) that breed in fast-flowing rivers. The larvae of the parasite can migrate into the eye and cause blindness

Phasmida in roundworm US English

A nematode, especially a parasitic one found in the intestines of mammals

Phasmida in strongyle US English

A nematode of a group that includes several common disease-causing parasites of mammals and birds

Phasmida in strongyloidiasis US English

Infestation with threadworms of a type found in tropical and subtropical regions, chiefly affecting the small intestine and causing ulceration and diarrhea

Phasmida in toxocara US English

A parasitic nematode worm, especially a common worm of dogs or cats that is transmissible to humans

Phasmida in walking stick US English

A long, slender, slow-moving insect that resembles a twig. In many species, it appears that there are no males and that the females lay fertile eggs without mating