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RAID US English

Redundant array of independent (or inexpensive) disks, a system for providing greater capacity, faster access, and security against data corruption by spreading the data across several disk drives

raid US English

A sudden attack on an enemy by troops, aircraft, or other armed forces in warfare

raid US Thesaurus

the raid on Dieppe

air raid US English

An attack in which bombs are dropped from aircraft onto a ground target

bear raid US English

A speculative attempt to profit from a fall in the price of a stock, or to cause the price to fall in order to make a profit.

dawn raid US English

A surprise visit at dawn, especially by police searching for criminals or illicit goods

pass raid US English

(In South Africa) a raid carried out by the police to check that black Africans' passes are in order.

ram raid US English

A robbery in which a shop window is rammed with a vehicle and looted

panty raid US English

A visit by a group of male students to a women’s dormitory with the object of stealing panties

terror raid US English

A raid undertaken in order to instil terror, especially as part of a campaign of terror bombing.

trench raid US English

(In the First World War (1914–18)) a small-scale nocturnal attack against an enemy trench.

Jameson Raid US English

An abortive raid into Boer territory made in 1895-6 by pro-British extremists led by Dr L. S. Jameson (1853–1917) in an attempt to incite an uprising among recent, non-Boer immigrants. The raid contributed to the eventual outbreak of the Second Boer War

nuisance raid US English

A wartime attack involving nuisance bombing; also in extended use.

air-raid shelter US English

A building or structure designed to protect people from bombs dropped during air raids

air raid warden US English

A person responsible for patrolling an area deemed to be at risk from air raids, enforcing blackout regulations, and dealing with fires and injuries caused by bombs.

air raid warning US English

A public warning about impending air raids, usually given by means of a siren.

air raid precautions US English

Measures taken to limit the risk of air raids or the damage they might cause; specifically (with capital initials; commonly referred to simply as A.R.P.) a division of the British Home Office created in 1924 to protect civilians from the danger of air raids.