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RICE US English

Rest, ice, compression, and elevation (treatment method for bruises, strains, and sprains)

rice US English

A swamp grass that is widely cultivated as a source of food, especially in Asia

Rice, Anne US English

(1941-), US writer; born Howard Allen O’Brien; pen names A. N. Roquelaure and Anne Rampling. She is best known for her series called the Vampire Chronicles, which includes Interview with the Vampire (1976), The Queen of the Damned (1988), and Merrick (2000)

Rice, Condoleezza US English

(1954-), US secretary of state 2005–09. Fluent in Russian, she became President George H. W. Bush’s adviser on Soviet affairs in 1989, and that same year joined the National Security Council. Under President George W. Bush, she served as national security adviser 2001–05

Rice, Jerry US English

(1962-), US football player. A wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers 1985–2000, the Oakland Raiders 2001–04, and the Seattle Seahawks 2004, he set NFL records in pass receptions and touchdowns. Football Hall of Fame 2010

Rice, Sir Tim US English

(1944-), English lyricist and entertainer; full name Timothy Miles Bindon Rice. With Andrew Lloyd Webber, he cowrote a number of musicals, including Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (1968), Jesus Christ Superstar (1971), and Evita (1978)

ant rice US English

The prairie three-awn grass, Aristida oligantha, of North America, the growth of which, in Texas, is favoured by the red harvester ant, Pogonomyrmex barbatus.

rice bowl US English

A dish out of which rice is eaten

rice bug US English

Any of several slender hemipteran bugs of the genus Leptocorisa (family Alydidae), which are pests of ripening rice grains in south and south-east Asia.

rice flat US English

A tract of low-lying land suitable for growing rice.

rice meat US English

Food consisting of rice; a meal or portion of this.

rice milk US English

Milk boiled and thickened with rice and other ingredients. Now historical.

rice rat US English

A nocturnal rat that typically lives in marshy or damp areas, native to America, the Caribbean, and the Galapagos Islands

rice sand US English

A type of sand having coarse grains resembling rice.

wild rice US English

A tall aquatic North American grass related to rice, with edible grains

black rice US English

Any of several varieties of rice with a dark-coloured husk.

brown rice US English

Unpolished rice with only the husk of the grain removed

dirty rice US English

A Cajun dish consisting of white rice cooked with onions, peppers, chicken livers, and herbs

golden rice US English

A genetically modified variety of rice containing large amounts of the orange or red plant pigment betacarotene, a substance important in the human diet as a precursor of vitamin A

Indian rice US English

Any of several kinds of North American wild rice (genus Zizania); especially Z. aquatica, which grows in shallow water and was formerly an important food source (also called water oats).

jollof rice US English

A West African stew made with rice, chili peppers, and meat or fish

mealie rice US English

Crushed maize kernels, used as a substitute for rice

Patna rice US English

Rice of a variety with long firm grains, which was originally produced at Patna

pilau rice US English

(In Indian cookery) rice cooked in stock with spices, eaten as an accompaniment to a meat or vegetable dish

rice blast US English

A form of blast or blight affecting rice, specifically that caused by the ascomycete fungus Magnaporthe grisea.

rice burner US English

A Japanese motorcycle

rice crater US English

A depression made in a dish of rice for containing meat, sauce, or some similar ingredient.

rice eater US English

A person who habitually or frequently eats rice; especially (derogatory and offensive) a person from South or South-East Asia.

rice fanner US English

A shallow basket used to separate rice from husks by shaking or tossing.

rice flakes US English

Medicine small fragments of tissue, mucus, etc., especially as found in the urine or faeces of cholera sufferers (now rare or disused).

rice flower US English

A flower of a rice plant.

rice grain US English

An individual seed of rice, especially after removal of the husk. Also (as a mass noun): rice as a food grain.

rice grass US English

Any of several barnyard grasses (genus Echinochloa); especially shama millet, E. colona (formerly Panicum colonum).

rice mould US English

A dish (originally a dessert) consisting of rice which has been shaped in a mould.

rice paper US English

Thin translucent edible paper made from the flattened and dried pith of a shrub, used in painting (especially oriental) and in baking biscuits and cakes

rice polish US English

The outer layers of a kernel of rice which are removed during polishing and typically used as an animal feed.

rice powder US English

Finely ground rice used as an ingredient in cosmetic powder; cosmetic powder containing this.

rice rocket US English

A fast Japanese aeroplane, motorcycle, or car; (also depreciative) an inexpensive Japanese car that has been modified to give the impression of speed and power.

rice stick US English

North American. A stick used (especially by North American Indians) to harvest wild rice from a canoe, by beating the stalks to knock the grains into the boat.

rice stitch US English

A type of filling stitch consisting of small irregularly placed stitches.

rice table US English

= rijsttafel.

rice tafel US English

= rijsttafel.

rice water US English

Water in which rice has been boiled, used as a drink, remedy, or for some other purpose.

rice weevil US English

A cosmopolitan weevil, Sitophilus oryzae, which is a serious pest of several kinds of stored grain.

rough rice US English

Unhusked rice, paddy.

small rice US English

Rice composed of broken grains, and hence considered low-grade.

white rice US English

Rice processed by removal of the hulls and polishing.

miracle rice US English

A modern hybrid rice with an exceptionally high yield.

mountain rice US English

A variety of rice grown in upland districts without irrigation.

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