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Rhizopoda US English

A phylum of single-celled animals that includes the amoebas and their relatives, which have extensible pseudopodia

Rhizopoda in acanthamoeba US English

An amoeba of a genus which includes a number that can cause opportunistic infections in humans

Rhizopoda in amoeba US English

A single-celled animal that catches food and moves about by extending fingerlike projections of protoplasm. Amoebas are either free-living in damp environments or parasitic

Rhizopoda in entamoeba US English

An amoeba that typically lives harmlessly in the gut, though one kind can cause amoebic dysentery

Rhizopoda in foraminifer US English

A single-celled planktonic animal with a perforated chalky shell through which slender protrusions of protoplasm extend. Most kinds are marine, and when they die, their shells form thick ocean-floor sediments