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SAD US English

Seasonal affective disorder

sad US English

Feeling or showing sorrow; unhappy

sad US Thesaurus

we felt sad when we left

sad-ass US English

(attributive) designating an inept or undesirable person or thing.

sad dog US English

A morose or dismal-looking person.

happy-sad US English

That combines elements of happiness and sadness; simultaneously happy and sad; bittersweet.

Novi Sad US English

An industrial city in Serbia, on the Danube River, capital of the autonomous province of Vojvodina; population 197,900 (est. 2008)

sad-assed US English

= sad-ass.

sad cake US English

A name given to various types of flat or unleavened cake.

sad case US English

A pathetic, socially inept, or otherwise contemptible person.

sad-iron US English

A solid iron for smoothing clothes

sad sack US English

An inept, blundering person

sad tree US English

The night-flowering jasmine of India, Nyctanthes arbor-tristis (family Oleaceae), having fragrant star-shaped white flowers with orange central tubes clustered at the tips of the branches.

sad to say US English

Unfortunately, regrettably

case1 US English

A person whose situation is regarded as pitiable or as having no chance of improvement

rush sod US English

A sod of rush plants.

sad to say in sad US English

Unfortunately, regrettably