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Sun. US English


sun US English

The star around which the earth orbits

sun US Thesaurus

she could feel the sun on her face

the sun in sun US English

The star around which the earth orbits

sun dog US English

Another term for parhelion.

sun-dry US English

Dry (something, especially food) in the sun, as opposed to using artificial heat

sun hat US English

A broad-brimmed hat that protects the head and neck from the sun

mean sun US English

An imaginary sun conceived as moving through the sky throughout the year at a constant speed equal to the mean rate of the real sun, used in calculating mean solar time

mock sun US English

Informal term for parhelion.

sun-baked US English

(Especially of the ground) exposed to the heat of the sun and therefore dry and hard

sun bear US English

A small mainly nocturnal bear that has a brownish-black coat with a light-colored mark on the chest, native to Southeast Asia

Sun City US English

A retirement community in south central Arizona, northwest of Phoenix; population 38,309 (2000)

sun cream US English

A creamy preparation spread over the skin to protect it from sunburn

sun dance US English

A dance performed by North American Plains Indians in honor of the sun and to prove bravery by overcoming pain

sun deck US English

The deck, or part of a deck, of a yacht or cruise ship that is open to the sky

sun disk US English

(Especially in ancient Egypt) a winged disk representing a sun god

Sun King US English

The nickname of Louis XIV of France (see Louis)

sun porch US English

Another term for sunroom.

sun visor US English

A small screen above a vehicle’s windshield, attached by a hinge so that it can be lowered to protect the occupants' eyes from bright sunlight

sun-grazing US English

(Of a comet) having an orbit which passes close to the sun

sun helmet US English

A rigid hat made of cork or a similar material, worn in tropical climates

sun-kissed US English

Made warm or brown by the sun

sun lounge US English

A room with large windows and sometimes a glass roof, designed to allow in a lot of sunlight

sun spider US English

A fast-moving predatory arachnid with a pair of massive vertical pincers (chelicerae). Sun spiders live chiefly in warm deserts, many are active by day, and some grow to a large size

Sun Valley US English

A city in south central Idaho, a well-known winter sports resort; population 1,466 (est. 2008)

Sun Yat-sen US English

(1866–1925), Chinese statesman; provisional president of the Republic of China 1911–12 and president of the Southern Chinese Republic 1923–25. He organized the Kuomintang force and established a secessionist government at Guangzhou

midnight sun US English

The sun when seen at midnight during the summer in either the Arctic or Antarctic Circle

sun-drenched US English

(Of a place) receiving a great deal of sunlight

sun squirrel US English

An African tree squirrel that typically has a dark ringed tail, noted for basking in the sun, which often causes bleaching of the fur

with the sun US English

In the direction of the sun’s apparent movement in the northern hemisphere; from left to right or clockwise

sun salutation US English

A series of yoga poses performed in a continuous flowing sequence and intended to improve the strength and flexibility of the muscles

shoot the sun US English

Ascertain the altitude of the sun with a sextant in order to determine one’s latitude

under the sun US English

On earth; in existence (used in expressions emphasizing the large number of something)

Moon, Sun Myung US English

(1920–2012), Korean industrialist and religious leader. In 1954, he founded the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, which became known as the Unification Church. Disciples are called “Moonies.”

place in the sun US English

A position of favor or advantage

against the sun US English

Against the direction of the sun’s apparent movement in the northern hemisphere; from right to left or counterclockwise

sun in splendour US English

The sun as heraldically blazoned, depicted with rays and often a human face

rise with the sun US English

Get up early in the morning

sun-and-planet gear US English

A system of gearwheels consisting of a central wheel (a sun gear or sun wheel) around which one or more outer wheels (planet gears or planet wheels) travel

Land of the Rising Sun US English

A poetic name for Japan

Land of the Midnight Sun US English

A nickname for the state of Alaska.

boatswain US English

A ship’s officer in charge of equipment and the crew

bo'sun in boatswain US English

A ship’s officer in charge of equipment and the crew

on which the sun never sets US English

(Of an empire) worldwide

the sun is over the yardarm US English

Used to refer to the time of day when it is permissible to begin drinking

Louis US English

Louis XIV (1638–1715), son of Louis XIII; reigned 1643–1715; known as the Sun King. His reign represented the high point of the Bourbon dynasty and of French power in Europe. His almost constant wars of expansion united Europe against him, however, and gravely weakened France’s financial position

the sun in sun US English

The light or warmth received from the earth’s sun

sunbed US English

A lounger used for sunbathing

sunbelt US English

A strip of territory receiving a high amount of sunshine, especially:

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