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action US English

The fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim

action US Thesaurus

there can be no excuse for their actions

in action US English

Engaged in a certain activity; in operation

action art US English

Painting or sculpture characterized by the depiction of action or activity.

action film US English

A cinematographic film, a movie; = motion picture (now disused).

action line US English

(The name of) a telephone helpline or similar service offering practical assistance, intervention, or advice, especially one operated by a newspaper or other media outlet.

Action Man US English

(A trademark for) a type of male doll in combat dress; (also) a man likened to such a doll in being brave, strong, etc. (often ironic); frequently attributive.

action noun US English

A noun expressing action.

action pack US English

A collection of informative or educational materials relating to a particular activity, issue, or course of action.

action shot US English

A shot representing the subject in motion.

action song US English

A (children's) song involving dramatic movement, especially of the hands.

action time US English

The period during which a stimulus must act in order to produce a sensation.

action verb US English

A verb which expresses action, especially as opposed to a linking verb, modal verb, etc.

action word US English

A word, especially a verb or verbal noun, used to express action.

all-action US English

(Of a narrative, production, etc.) full of action, energy, or exciting events.

bolt-action US English

(Of a gun) having a breech that is opened by turning a bolt and sliding it back

ice action US English

The action of ice upon the surface of the earth, especially during glacial periods.

key action US English

The mechanism by which sounds are produced in keyboard instruments; the action of such an instrument's keys.

knee action US English

A form of independent front-wheel suspension in a motor vehicle

live action US English

(In filmmaking) action involving real people or animals, as contrasted with animation or computer-generated effects

mass action US English

Chemistry the effect which the concentration of a reactant has on the rate of a chemical reaction; especially in law of mass action noun the principle that the rate of a reaction is proportional to the concentrations or activities of the reactants.

non-action US English

Absence of action, inaction; failure or refusal to act.

pre-action US English

Prior or previous action; action taking place before something.

pump-action US English

Denoting a repeating firearm, typically a shotgun, in which a new round is brought from the magazine into the breech by a slide action in line with the barrel

snap-action US English

Denoting a switch or relay that makes and breaks contact rapidly, whatever the speed of the activating mechanism

action figure US English

A doll representing a person or fictional character known for vigorous action, such as a soldier or superhero. The figure typically is posable, with jointed limbs

action-packed US English

Full of activity or excitement

action point US English

A specific proposal for action to be taken, typically one arising from a discussion or meeting

action replay US English

A playback of part of a television broadcast, typically a slow-motion replay of an incident in a sporting event

action school US English

(With the) the artistic movement associated with action painting.

action sermon US English

(In Scottish Presbyterian Churches) the sermon preached before the administration of the Eucharist.

action sport US English

A sport involving vigorous physical activity.

actor-action US English

Of or designating a type of construction in which the subject precedes the verb.

class action US English

A lawsuit filed or defended by an individual or small group acting on behalf of a large group

direct action US English

The use of strikes, demonstrations, or other public forms of protest rather than negotiation to achieve one’s demands

double-action US English

another term for double-acting.

legal action US English

Legal proceedings; a lawsuit

Mauser action US English

A bolt-action breech mechanism of the type designed by the Mausers.

piano action US English

The mechanism by which the impulse of the fingers upon the keys of a piano is communicated to the hammers which strike the strings.

point-action US English

Relating to or designating an action that takes place at a particular point in time.

police action US English

The activity or behaviour of the police.

quick-action US English

(Of apparatus) that is able to act quickly.

recoil action US English

A movement or action that results from or constitutes a recoil.

reflex action US English

An action performed independently of the will, as an automatic response to a sensory stimulus; (more widely) an action that is automatic, unthinking, or instinctive; also in extended use and figurative.

single-action US English

(Of a gun) needing to be cocked by hand before it can be fired

slide action US English

A sliding motion or action; a mechanism (especially on a firearm) which delivers such a motion or action.

social action US English

Deliberate action that results or is intended to result in a change in the institutions or conditions of social life; an instance of this.

action current US English

The electrical current produced in nerve fibres or other living tissue during activity.

Action Directe US English

An extreme left-wing French terrorist group active especially in the 1980s.

action painting US English

A technique and style of abstract painting in which paint is randomly splashed, thrown, or poured on the canvas. It was made famous by Jackson Pollock, and formed part of the more general movement of abstract expressionism

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