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adaptive US English

Characterized by or given to adaptation

adaptive zone US English

The set of ecological niches to which a particular species or group of species is adapted.

non-adaptive US English

Not adaptive; (Biology) not resulting in the better adaptation of an organism to its environment; not increasing the genetic fitness of an organism.

adaptive optics US English

A system allowing a telescope to adjust its reflecting surfaces automatically in response to changes in atmospheric distortion.

adaptive control US English

Control of a system, behaviour, etc., in which adjustments are (automatically) made in response to external conditions or stimuli; frequently attributive.

adaptive immunity US English

= active immunity.

adaptive radiation US English

The diversification of a group of organisms into forms filling different ecological niches

adaptive expectations US English

The theory that participants in economic activity forecast the future of a variable primarily with reference to its (especially recent) past; frequently attributive.

adaptive expectations hypothesis US English

A hypothesis that supposes that expectations of future values of a variable can be based primarily on its values in the recent past