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and US English

Used to connect words of the same part of speech, clauses, or sentences that are to be taken jointly

-and US English

(Forming nouns) denoting a person or thing to be treated in a specified way

that's all she wrote US English

Used to convey that there is or was nothing more to be said about a matter

or otherwise US English

Indicating the opposite of or a contrast to something stated

and/or US English

Either or both of two stated possibilities

and Co. US English

Used as part of the titles of commercial businesses to designate the partner or partners not named

q and a US English

A question and answer period or exchange

D and C US English

Dilation and curettage

and stuff US English

Said in vague reference to additional things of a similar nature to those specified

and such US English

And similar things

G and T US English

A drink of gin and tonic

and how! US English

Very much so (used to express strong agreement)

—— and all US English

Used to emphasize something additional that is being referred to

by and by US English

Before long; eventually

and company US English

Used after a person’s name to denote those people usually associated with them

and so on US English

And similar things; et cetera

so-and-so US English

A person or thing whose name the speaker does not need to specify or does not know or remember

good and —— US English

Used as an intensifier before an adjective or adverb

nice and —— US English

Satisfactorily or adequately in terms of the quality described

on and on US English

Continually; at tedious length

to and fro US English

In a constant movement backward and forward or from side to side

yes and no US English

Partly and partly not

in-and-out US English

Involving inward and outward movement, especially rapid entrance and exit

on and off US English


off and on US English

Intermittently; now and then

as and when US English

At the time when (used to refer to an uncertain future event)

bill and coo US English

Exchange caresses or affectionate words; behave or talk in a very loving or sentimental way

Box and Cox US English

Used to refer to an arrangement whereby people make use of the same accommodation or facilities at different times, according to a strict arrangement

but and ben US English

A two-roomed cottage; a humble home

by and large US English

On the whole; everything considered

pick-and-mix US English

Denoting a method of assembling something by choosing items from among a large variety of different possibilities

pan and scan US English

A technique for narrowing the aspect ratio of a widescreen movie to fit the squarer shape of a television screen by continuously selecting the portion of the original picture with the most significance, rather than just the middle portion

pan-and-tilt US English

Denoting a stand, tripod, or other item of mounting equipment that allows a camera to move in both horizontal and vertical planes

put-and-take US English

Denoting a system whereby waters are stocked with fish for anglers to catch

run-and-gun US English

(In sports) denoting fast, free-flowing play without emphasis on set plays or defense

and the rest US English

And everything else that might be mentioned or that one could expect

come and go US English

Arrive and then depart again; move around freely

chip and PIN US English

A way of paying for goods by debit or credit card whereby one enters one’s personal identification number in an electronic device rather than signing a slip

cut and run US English

Make a speedy or sudden departure from an awkward or hazardous situation rather than deal with it

cup-and-ring US English

Denoting marks cut in megalithic monuments consisting of a circular depression surrounded by concentric rings

down-and-out US English

(Of a person) without money, a job, or a place to live; destitute

egg and dart US English

A motif of alternating eggs and darts, used to enrich an ovolo molding

ebb and flow US English

A recurrent or rhythmical pattern of coming and going or decline and regrowth

and everything US English

Used to refer vaguely to other things associated with what has been mentioned

far and away US English

By a great amount

far and near US English


far and wide US English

Over a large area

fore and aft US English

At the front and rear (often used with reference to a ship or plane)

stop-and-go US English

Alternate stopping and restarting of progress

tip-and-run US English

An informal way of playing cricket in which the batsman must run after every hit

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