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anhydride US English

The compound obtained by removing the elements of water from a particular acid

acid anhydride US English

An oxide which combines with water to form an acid.

acetic anhydride US English

The anhydride of acetic acid. It is a colorless pungent liquid, used in making synthetic fibers

ethanoic anhydride US English

= acetic anhydride.

ethionic anhydride US English

= carbyl sulphate.

maleic anhydride US English

The anhydride, C4H2O3, of maleic acid, used in synthesis to form addition compounds with substances containing conjugated carbon–carbon double bonds.

nitrous anhydride US English

= nitrogen trioxide.

phthalic anhydride US English

A crystalline compound made by oxidizing naphthalene, used as an intermediate in the manufacture of plastics, resins, and dyes

citraconic anhydride US English

A liquid which is the cyclic anhydride of citraconic acid.

phosphoric anhydride US English

= phosphorus pentoxide.

phosphorous anhydride US English

= phosphorus trioxide.

roccellic anhydride US English

The anhydride of roccellic acid, an oily liquid obtained by heating the acid.

suberic anhydride in suberic US English

In names of compounds related to suberic acid, as suberic aldehyde, suberic anhydride, etc. Occasionally also more widely: of or relating to cork.

phloroglucic anhydride in phloroglucic US English

Of or relating to phloroglucinol; phloroglucic anhydride = phloroglucide.