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ant US English

A small insect, often with a sting, that usually lives in a complex social colony with one or more breeding queens. It is wingless except for fertile adults, which often form large mating swarms, and is proverbial for industriousness

ant- US English

Variant spelling of anti- before a vowel or h (as in Antarctic).

-ant US English

(Forming adjectives) denoting attribution of an action or state

anti- US English

Opposed to; against

ant- in anti- US English

Opposed to; against

ant US Thesaurus


ant cap US English

A shield fitted on top of a building’s supports to prevent termites from entering the building from the foundations

ant cow US English

Any of various aphids or scale insects that are tended by ants for the sake of the honeydew that they expel.

ant egg US English

= ant's egg; usually in plural.

ant-man US English

A person who specializes in the study of ants; an expert in ants.

jet ant US English

A shiny black ant, Lasius fuliginosus, widespread in Eurasia, which typically makes its nest in a tree cavity.

red ant US English

A Eurasian ant of the genus Myrmica.

ant bear US English

Another term for aardvark.

ant farm US English

A place where ants are bred or reared; specifically an artificial enclosure or formicarium containing an ant colony, typically with transparent walls through which the ants' activity is visible.

ant guest US English

An arthropod, especially a beetle, that lives commensally inside ants' nests; an inquiline.

ant-hive US English

An ant colony; especially an artificial ants' nest or formicarium.

ant lion US English

An insect that resembles a dragonfly, with predatory larvae that construct conical pits into which insect prey, especially ants, fall

ant mound US English

= anthill 2.

ant rice US English

The prairie three-awn grass, Aristida oligantha, of North America, the growth of which, in Texas, is favoured by the red harvester ant, Pogonomyrmex barbatus.

army ant US English

A blind nomadic tropical ant that forages in large columns, preying chiefly on insects and spiders

black ant US English

An ant that is black and is often found in and around houses

crazy ant US English

Any of several ants that exhibit very fast or erratic movement, especially Prenolepsis longicornis, native to tropical regions.

fire ant US English

A tropical American ant that has a painful and sometimes dangerous sting

honey ant US English

An ant that stores large amounts of honeydew and nectar in its elastic abdomen, which becomes greatly distended. This is then fed to nest mates by regurgitation

house ant US English

Any of various common ants which infest buildings; also with distinguishing word.

meat ant US English

A carnivorous Australian ant, especially a large reddish-purple kind that builds mounds

mound ant US English

Any of various ants which build nests in the form of large mounds; (Australian) = meat ant.

white ant US English

Another term for termite.

wood ant US English

A large reddish-brown ant found chiefly in woodlands, living in nest mounds, which it defends by spraying formic acid at the attacker

amazon ant US English

A small reddish ant that captures the pupae of other ant colonies to raise as slaves

ant-catcher US English

Any of various small antbirds belonging to various genera of the family Thamnophilidae (formerly Formicariidae).

ant-hillock US English

= anthill 2.

ant orchid US English

Any of several terrestrial orchids of the genus Chiloglottis (and formerly Caladenia), which are native to Australasia and have flowers that resemble small insects.

ant-thrush US English

Any of a number of thrush-sized ant-eating birds

bulldog ant US English

A large Australian ant with large jaws and a powerful sting

driver ant US English

Another term for army ant.

meadow ant US English

Either of two European ants, the small Lasius flavus (in full yellow meadow ant) and the large Formica pratensis.

parasol ant US English

A leafcutter ant, especially Atta cephalotes or A. sexdens, of tropical America.

pharaoh ant US English

A small red or yellowish African ant that has established itself worldwide, living as a pest in heated buildings

raffle ant US English

A kind of predatory ant which is said to have been introduced into Jamaica to control pests in sugar cane plantations, and later to have become a pest itself.

safari ant US English

A driver ant or army ant of the predominantly African genus Dorylus; also called siafu.

velvet ant US English

An antlike velvety-bodied insect related to the wasps. The female is wingless, and the larvae parasitize the young of bees and wasps in the nest

weaver ant US English

A tropical ant which builds its nest between leaves that are fastened together using silk secreted by the larvae

Argentine ant US English

A small South American ant that has become established in parts of the US

carpenter ant US English

A large ant that burrows into wood to nest

harvester ant US English

An ant that gathers and stores seeds and grain as a communal food source for the colony

honeypot ant US English

Another term for honey ant.

Matabele ant US English

A large black stinging ant, Megaponera foetens, found in Zimbabwe.

leafcutter ant US English

A tropical ant that cuts pieces from leaves and carries them back to the nest for use as a culture medium for growing food fungi

slave-making ant US English

An ant that raids the nests of other ant species and steals the pupae, which later become workers in the new colony

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