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back US English

The rear surface of the human body from the shoulders to the hips

get one's breath US English

Begin to breathe normally again after exercise or exertion

cover one's ass US English

Foresee and avoid the possibility of attack or criticism

get into the swing of things US English

Get used to (or return to) being easy and relaxed about an activity or routine one is engaged in

back US Thesaurus

she's broken her back

T-back US English

A high-cut undergarment or swimsuit having only a thin strip of material passing between the buttocks

in back US English

At the back of something, especially a building

back up US English

(Of vehicles) form a line due to congestion

go back US English

(Of a clock) be set to an earlier standard time, especially at the end of daylight saving time

add-back US English

Adjustment of net income through addition or deduction of items not affecting working capital; an item thus added or deducted.

back down US English

Withdraw a claim or assertion in the face of opposition

back off US English

Draw back from action or confrontation

back out US English

Withdraw from a commitment

back-arc US English

Relating to or denoting the area behind an island arc

Back Bay US English

A historic residential and commercial district in western Boston, Massachusetts, on land along the Charles River that was reclaimed in the 19th century

back door US English

The door or entrance at the back of a building

back East US English

In or to the eastern part of the United States or Canada (especially the coastal regions) from the west.

back end US English

The end of something that is farthest from the front or the working end

back fat US English

Fat on the back of a meat-producing animal

back four US English

The defensive players in a formation that employs four defenders, typically two center backs and two full backs

back-heel US English

Kick (something) backwards with the heel

back nine US English

The final nine holes on an eighteen-hole course

back pass US English

A deliberate pass to one’s own goalkeeper (who is not allowed to pick up the ball if the pass was kicked)

back pay US English

Payment for work done in the past that was withheld at the time, or for work that could have been done had the worker not been prevented from doing so

back room US English

A place where secret, administrative, or supporting work is done

back row US English

The forwards who are in the third row in a scrum

back rub US English

A brief massage of a person’s back and shoulders

back seat US English

A seat at the back of a vehicle

back talk US English

Rude or impertinent remarks made in reply to someone in authority

buy-back US English

The buying back of goods by the original seller

cash-back US English

Denoting a form of incentive offered to buyers of certain products whereby they receive a cash refund after making their purchase

comb-back US English

A high-backed Windsor chair with a straight top rail

come back US English

(In sports) recover from a deficit

draw back US English

Choose not to do something that one was expected to do

fade back US English

Move back from the scrimmage line

fall back US English

Move or turn back; retreat

fax-back US English

A service that can fax a document automatically on request, in response to the fax number (and sometimes other details) being entered into a database by telephone or email; a message or document faxed in this way.

feed back US English

(Of a response) influence the development of the thing that has given rise to it

hang back US English

Remain behind

hark back US English

Mention or remember something from the past

hold back US English

Hesitate to act or speak

hop back US English

A container with a perforated bottom for straining off the hops in the manufacture of beer

keep back US English

Remain (or cause someone or something to remain) at a distance

kick back US English

Be at leisure; relax

laid-back US English

Relaxed and easygoing

left back US English

A defender in soccer or field hockey who plays primarily in a position on the left of the field

look back US English

Think of the past

one-back US English

Designating an offensive formation in which only one player lines up behind the quarterback.

open back US English

= loose back.

pull back US English

Retreat or cause troops to retreat from an area

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