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badger US English

A heavily built omnivorous nocturnal mammal of the weasel family, typically having a gray and black coat

Badger in badger US English

A native of Wisconsin

hog badger US English

A badger with a long mobile snout and dark facial stripes, found in the forests of eastern Asia

Badger State US English

A nickname for the state of Wisconsin.

ferret-badger US English

A small tree-climbing badger found in SE Asia, having a long tail and a brownish coat with conspicuous facial markings

stink badger US English

A SE Asian badger with a long mobile snout, short stout limbs, and anal glands that contain a foul-smelling liquid which can be squirted at an attacker

honey badger US English

Another term for ratel.

badger-baiting US English

A sport in which dogs draw a badger from its sett and kill it, illegal in the UK since 1830

badger US Thesaurus

stop badgering us

badger English-Spanish

tejón masculine

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