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badger US English

A heavily built omnivorous nocturnal mammal of the weasel family, typically having a gray and black coat

Badger in badger US English

A native of Wisconsin

badger US Thesaurus

stop badgering us

badger dig US English

An instance of badger digging.

badger fly US English

An artificial fly made with badger hairs.

badger game US English

An extortion scheme in which the victim is lured, usually by a woman, into a compromising situation and is then surprised and blackmailed by an accomplice.

badger hole US English

The earth or burrow of a badger; a sett.

badger-like US English

Resembling or in the manner of a badger.

badger-pie US English

= badger-pied.

badger-pied US English

(Of a dog, especially a foxhound) particoloured like a badger; also in extended use.

hog badger US English

A badger with a long mobile snout and dark facial stripes, found in the forests of eastern Asia

rock badger US English

= rock hyrax.

badger baiter US English

A person who engages in badger baiting.

badger digger US English

A person who participates in badger digging.

badger-legged US English

Having legs of unequal length (as the badger was once popularly supposed to have); (also more generally) having deformed legs.

badger plane US English

A plane with a skewed cutting iron, typically one which extends to one edge of the stock.

Badger State US English

A nickname for the state of Wisconsin.

badger tongs US English

Tongs used to grasp a badger as it emerges from its hole, or to pull it out.

ferret-badger US English

A small tree-climbing badger found in SE Asia, having a long tail and a brownish coat with conspicuous facial markings

honey badger US English

Another term for ratel.

stink badger US English

A SE Asian badger with a long mobile snout, short stout limbs, and anal glands that contain a foul-smelling liquid which can be squirted at an attacker

badger-baiting US English

A sport in which dogs draw a badger from its sett and kill it, illegal in the UK since 1830

badger digging US English

The (now illegal) practice of sending a dog into a sett to locate a badger, which is then captured by digging into the sett; an instance of this.

badger drawing US English

= badger baiting.

badger softener US English

A soft brush made from badger hair, used in painting and to create artificial woodgrain effects.

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