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band1 US English

A flat, thin strip or loop of material put around something, typically to hold it together or to decorate it

band2 US English

A group of people who have a common interest or purpose

Band in bandoneon US English

A type of concertina used especially in South America

band1 US Thesaurus

a band around her waist

band2 US Thesaurus

a band of robbers

Ku-band US English

A microwave frequency band used for satellite communication and broadcasting, using frequencies of about 12 gigahertz for terrestrial reception and 14 gigahertz for transmission

Band-Aid US English

An adhesive bandage with a gauze pad in the center, used to cover minor wounds

band call US English

A rehearsal for the orchestra of a musical, operatic production, etc.

band-tail US English

In full band-tail pigeon. The band-tailed pigeon, Patagioenas fasciata.

bar band US English

A (local or amateur) rock group of a kind that typically performs in bars or other small venues.

big band US English

A large group of musicians playing jazz or dance music

blue band US English

A band of glacier ice of a blue colour due to the relative absence of air bubbles.

boy band US English

A pop group composed of attractive young men whose music and image are designed to appeal primarily to a young teenage audience

brow band US English

The part of a bridle which passes across the horse’s forehead

bush band US English

A group of musicians who play traditional Australian folk music

coal band US English

Geology a stratum of coal.

dual-band US English

Designating telecommunications and broadcasting systems capable of operating in or receiving either of two different frequency bands, specifically two of the microwave bands used for satellite communication.

girl band US English

A pop group composed of attractive young women, whose music and image are designed to appeal primarily to a young teenage audience

grey band US English

A stratum of bluish-grey flagstone.

high-band US English

Relating to or denoting an audio or video system using a relatively high carrier frequency, which allows more bandwidth for the signal

jam band US English

A rock band that plays music characterized by long improvisational passages

jug band US English

A group of jazz, blues, or folk musicians using simple or improvised instruments such as jugs and washboards

key band US English

Originally: a band of leather, fabric, metal, etc., for carrying keys and keeping them together. Later chiefly: a band or strap holding the key for a locker at a swimming pool, sports centre, etc., typically worn round the wrist or ankle.

mid-band US English

Of or relating to the middle of a band of frequencies, especially the middle of the audible range.

mill band US English

A continuous belt for the wheels of mill machinery.

name band US English

A well-known jazz band, pop group, etc.

out-band US English

Telecommunications. A range of frequencies or digital signals outside the band usually used for message transmission, but carried on or associated with the transmission channel. Usually attributive.

pipe band US English

A band, especially a military one, consisting of bagpipe players, drummers, and a pipe major

pub band US English

A band which performs in pubs, especially a local or amateur one playing blues or rock music.

red band US English

A prisoner who enjoys special privileges; such a prisoner (originally more fully red-band man).

reef band US English

A band of canvas running across a sail and having holes or eyes through which reefpoints can be fastened.

rim band US English

(In a spinning mule) the band or belt by means of which drive is transmitted from a rim wheel to the spindles.

road band US English

A touring musical group or band.

rock band US English

A number of musicians who play rock music together

rump band US English

A leather band passing over the rump of a horse to support the trace-chains.

show band US English

A band that plays cover versions of popular songs

sub-band1 US English

A subdivision of a band of North American Indians.

sub-band2 US English

A band or layer (especially a band of frequencies or wavelengths) that forms part of a larger band.

tri-band US English

(Of a mobile phone) having three frequencies, enabling it to be used in different regions (typically Europe and the US)

wide-band US English

(Of a radio, or other device or activity involving broadcasting) having or using a wide band of frequencies or wavelengths

wind band US English

A group of musicians playing mainly woodwind instruments

Alice band US English

A flexible band worn by women and girls to hold back the hair

band-tailed US English

Of a bird or other animal: having a tail marked with one or more bands or stripes.

black band US English

A dark-coloured clayey stratum of iron ore occurring in the coal measures (especially in Scotland) and containing sufficient carbonaceous matter for smelting; iron ore of this kind; usually attributive, as black-band ore, etc.

blood band US English

A ligature or bandage used to stop bleeding.

brass band US English

A group of musicians playing brass instruments and sometimes also percussion

cover band US English

A band whose repertoire consists of versions of songs by other artists rather than original material

dance band US English

A band that plays music suitable for dancing, especially swing

energy band US English

A set of permissible energy levels (for an electron in a solid) forming a continuous range or containing no significant energy gaps.

German band US English

A group of musicians playing chiefly brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments in a loosely traditional Bavarian style with a heavy and emphatic rhythm from the bass instrument, now often a sousaphone.

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