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base1 US English

The lowest part or edge of something, especially the part on which it rests or is supported

base2 US English

(Of a person or a person’s actions or feelings) without moral principles; ignoble

base1 US Thesaurus

the base of the tower

base2 US Thesaurus

base motives

off-base US English


base camp US English

A camp from which mountaineering expeditions set out

base hit US English

A fair ball hit such that the batter can advance safely to a base without aid of an error committed by the team in the field

base jump US English

A parachute jump from a fixed point, typically a high building or promontory, rather than an aircraft

base pair US English

A pair of complementary bases in a double-stranded nucleic acid molecule, consisting of a purine in one strand linked by hydrogen bonds to a pyrimidine in the other. Cytosine always pairs with guanine, and adenine with thymine (in DNA) or uracil (in RNA)

base path US English

The straight-line path from one base to the next, along which a base runner travels while a play is being made

base pay US English

The base rate of pay for a job or activity, excluding additional payments such as overtime or bonuses

base rate US English

(In the UK) the interest rate set by the Bank of England for lending to other banks, used as the benchmark for interest rates generally

base unit US English

A fundamental unit that is defined arbitrarily and not by combinations of other units. The base units of the SI system are the meter, kilogram, second, ampere, kelvin, mole, and candela

fan base US English

The fans of a sports team, pop music group, etc., considered as a distinct social grouping

home base US English

A place from which operations or activities are carried out; headquarters

time base US English

A signal for uniformly and repeatedly deflecting the electron beam of a cathode ray tube

base burner US English

A stove or furnace that burns fuel in a chamber at the base which is replenished from above by means of a hopper

base metal US English

A common metal not considered precious, such as copper, tin, or zinc

base runner US English

A player on the team at bat who is on a base, or running between bases

cloud base US English

The level or altitude of the lowest part of a general mass of clouds

first base US English

The first of the four stations that must be reached in turn to score a run

Lewis base US English

A compound or ionic species that can donate an electron pair to an acceptor compound

power base US English

A source of authority, influence, or support, especially in politics or negotiations

Schiff base US English

An organic compound having the structure R1R2CNR3 (where R1,2,3 are alkyl groups and R1 may be hydrogen)

base dressing US English

The application of manure or fertilizer to the earth, which is then plowed or dug in

base exchange US English

A store at a naval or air force base selling personal items, clothing, refreshments, etc.

base hospital US English

A military hospital situated at some distance from the area of active operations during a war

base station US English

A relay located at the center of any of the cells of a cellular telephone system

industrial base US English

The part of the economy of a country or region that is involved in producing goods in large quantities in factories

knowledge base US English

A store of information or data that is available to draw on

prisoner's base US English

A chasing game played by two groups of children each occupying a distinct base or home

touch base(s) US English

Briefly make or renew contact with someone

base on balls US English

Another term for walk3noun3noun3noun.

extra-base hit US English

A base hit that allows a batter to safely reach second base, third base, or home without the benefit of a fielding error; a double, triple, or home run

baseborn US English

Of low birth or origin

BASE jump in base jump US English

A parachute jump from a fixed point, typically a high building or promontory, rather than an aircraft

baseload US English

The permanent minimum load that a power supply system is required to deliver

freebase US English

Cocaine that has been converted from its salt to its base form by heating with ether or boiling with sodium bicarbonate, taken by inhaling the fumes or smoking the residue

zero-based US English

(Of a budget or budgeting) having each item costed anew, rather than in relation to its size or status in the previous budget

baseboard US English

A narrow wooden board running along the base of an interior wall

baseplate US English

A sheet of metal forming the bottom of an object

purine base in purine US English

A substituted derivative of this, especially the bases adenine and guanine present in DNA and RNA

pyrimidine base in pyrimidine US English

A substituted derivative of this, especially the bases thymine and cytosine present in DNA

touch base(s) in base1 US English

Briefly make or renew contact with someone