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bi- US English

Two; having two

bi US English


Bi US English

The chemical element bismuth

BI US English

Block Island

bismuth US English

The chemical element of atomic number 83, a brittle reddish-gray metal

Bi in bismuth US English

The chemical element of atomic number 83, a brittle reddish-gray metal

Block Island US English

A resort island in southern Rhode Island, in the Atlantic Ocean at the eastern end of Long Island Sound

bi-amping US English

The use of two amplifiers for high- and low-frequency ranges in an audio circuit

bi-level US English

Having or functioning on two levels; arranged on two planes

bi-media US English

Involving or working in two of the mass communication media, especially radio and television

bi-wiring US English

The use of two wires between an amplifier and a loudspeaker to operate the low- and high-frequency speaker circuits separately

bi-curious US English

(Of a heterosexual person) interested in having a sexual experience with a person of the same sex

biaxial US English

Having or relating to two axes

bicarb US English

Sodium bicarbonate

bicolor US English

Having two colors

bifocal US English

(Usually of a pair of eyeglasses) having lenses each with two parts with different focal lengths, one for distant vision and one for near vision

bifold US English

Double or twofold

bilobed US English

Having or consisting of two lobes

biplane US English

An early type of aircraft with two pairs of wings, one above the other

bipolar US English

Having or relating to two poles or extremities

bitonal US English

(Of music) having parts in two different keys sounding together

biannual US English

Occurring twice a year

biconvex US English

Convex on both sides

bilinear US English

Of, relating to, or contained by two straight lines

bimanual US English

Performed with both hands

biracial US English

Concerning or containing members of two racial groups

bistable US English

An electronic circuit that has two stable states

biweekly US English

Appearing or taking place every two weeks or twice a week

biyearly US English

Appearing or taking place every two years or twice a year

bicameral US English

(Of a legislative body) having two branches or chambers

bicentenary US English

Another term for bicentennial.

bicoastal US English

Living on, taking place in, or involving two coasts, especially the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the US

bicultural US English

Having or combining the cultural attitudes and customs of two nations, peoples, or ethnic groups

bilingual US English

(Of a person) speaking two languages fluently

bilocation US English

The supposed phenomenon of being in two places simultaneously

bimetallic US English

Made or consisting of two metals

bimonthly US English

Occurring or produced twice a month or every two months

binational US English

Concerning or consisting of two nations

bipartisan US English

Of or involving the agreement or cooperation of two political parties that usually oppose each other’s policies

bidirectional US English

Functioning in two directions