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bis- US English

Used to form the names of compounds containing two groups identically substituted or coordinated

bis US English

Again, as a direction in a musical score indicating that a passage is to be repeated

BIS US English

Bank for International Settlements

Bank for International Settlements US English

A bank founded in 1930 to promote the cooperation of central banks and to provide facilities for international financial operations. It is located at Basle in Switzerland

Bi and Bi US English

Frequently attributive Bilingualism and biculturalism; specifically designating (the approach of) the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism, established in 1963, which produced recommendations promoting bilingualism throughout Canada and resulting in the adoption of English and French as joint official languages in 1969.

bis(4-aminophenyl)sulfone in dapsone US English

A sulfur compound with bacteriostatic action, used chiefly in the treatment of leprosy