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bit1 US English

A small piece, part, or quantity of something

bit2 US English

Past of bite.

bit3 US English

A mouthpiece, typically made of metal, that is attached to a bridle and used to control a horse

bit4 US English

A unit of information expressed as either a 0 or 1 in binary notation

a bit in bit1 US English

A fair amount

bit in bite US English

(Of a person or animal) use the teeth to cut into something in order to eat it

bude US English

With a person or thing as subject and bare or to-infinitive. Was necessitated or obliged; should, must (with both deontic and epistemic force).

bit US Thesaurus

a bit of bread

a bit US English

Somewhat; to some extent

key bit US English

The part of a key that engages with the lever of a lock.

two-bit US English

Insignificant, cheap, or worthless

bit part US English

A small acting role in a play or a movie

bit rate US English

The number of bits per second that can be transmitted along a digital network

nose bit US English

Chiefly Woodworking. A bit having an angled cutting lip at the end for scooping out the core of a hole as it is bored. Compare auger-bit. Now rare.

port bit US English

= port mouth.

ring bit US English

A horse's bit having rings at the ends.

rock bit US English

A bit used for drilling hard formations.

rose bit US English

A countersink drill bit having a conical head with a number of radial cutting edges that meet at the tip.

shell bit US English

A gouge-shaped boring bit

sign bit US English

A sign digit in a sequence of binary digits.

stop bit US English

(In asynchronous data transfers) one of a pattern of bits that indicate the end of a character or of the whole transmission

bit by bit US English


not a bit US English

Not at all

bit bucket US English

A notional location in which lost or discarded data is said to be collected.

center bit US English

A tool for boring cylindrical holes

devil's bit US English

A North American plant of the lily family bearing tightly packed spikes of white flowers

French bit US English

Woodworking a boring tool with a flat blade curved at the two cutting edges, frequently used in a lathe.

frog's-bit US English

A floating freshwater plant with creeping stems that bear clusters of small rounded leaves

Mexican bit US English

A horse's bit incorporating a metal ring which encircles the jaws.

parity bit US English

A bit that acts as a check on a set of binary values, calculated in such a way that the number of 1s in the set plus the parity bit should always be even (or occasionally, should always be odd)

quantum bit US English

The basic unit of information in a quantum computer

rearing bit US English

A bit to which a martingale or other strap may be clipped in order to prevent a horse from lifting its head while rearing.

roller bit US English

Saddlery a kind of bit with a rotating ball or bead fitted on the mouthpiece.

router bit US English

= router cutter.

sheep's-bit US English

A blue-flowered European plant which resembles a scabious

on the bit US English

(Of a horse) ridden with a light but firm contact on the mouth, and accepting the bit in a calm and relaxed manner

mouthing bit US English

A bit used in mouthing a horse.

a bit much US English

Somewhat excessive or unreasonable

wait-a-bit US English

An African bush with hooked thorns that catch the clothing, in particular an acacia

do one's bit US English

Make a useful contribution to an effort or cause

off the bit US English

(Of a horse) ridden on a loose rein to allow it to gallop freely, especially at the end of a race

every bit as US English

(In comparisons) equally as

bit of rough US English

A male sexual partner whose toughness or lack of sophistication is a source of attraction

a bit thick US English

Unfair or unreasonable

threepenny bit US English

A coin worth three old pence (114 p)

a bit of a — US English

Used to suggest that something is not severe or extreme, or is true only to a limited extent

above the bit US English

(Of a horse) carrying its head too high so that it evades correct contact with the bit

behind the bit US English

(Of a horse) carrying its head with the chin tucked in so that it evades contact with the bit

bit error rate US English

The rate at which errors occur in the transmission of digital data

brace and bit US English

A revolving tool with a D-shaped crank handle for boring

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