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blanket US English

A large piece of woolen or similar material used as a bed covering or other covering for warmth

blanket bog US English

An extensive flat peat bog formed in cool regions of high rainfall or humidity

wet blanket US English

A person who spoils other people’s fun by failing to join in with or by disapproving of their activities

blanket bath US English

An all-over wash given to a person confined to bed

blanket coat US English

A coat made from a blanket or from blanketlike material

blanket roll US English

A blanket or sleeping bag made into a cylindrical roll for ease of carrying, often with utensils and other personal supplies inside; a bedroll

point blanket US English

A type of Hudson’s Bay blanket with distinctive markings or points woven in to indicate size or weight

fire blanket US English

A sheet of flexible material, typically woven fibreglass, used to smother a fire in an emergency

space blanket US English

A light metal-coated sheet designed to retain heat

blanket finish US English

A very close finish in a race

blanket stitch US English

A buttonhole stitch used on the edges of a blanket or other material too thick to be hemmed

comfort blanket US English

Another term for security blanket111.

security blanket US English

A familiar blanket or other piece of soft fabric held by a young child as a source of comfort

electric blanket US English

A blanket that can be heated electrically by an internal element

Hudson's Bay blanket US English

A durable woolen blanket, typically with wide colored stripes

born on the wrong side of the blanket US English

Born of parents not lawfully married to each other

blanketweed US English

A common green freshwater alga that forms long unbranched filaments. It can be a problem in overenriched water and garden ponds

born on the wrong side of the blanket in blanket US English

Born of parents not lawfully married to each other

Hudson Bay blanket in Hudson's Bay blanket US English

A durable woolen blanket, typically with wide colored stripes

blanket US Thesaurus

a blanket of cloud

blanket English-Spanish

manta feminine, cobija feminineLatin America/América Latina, frazada feminineLatin America/América Latina

wet blanket English-Spanish

aguafiestas masculine and femininecolloquial/familiar

blanket bath English-Spanish

to give sb a blanket bath

blanket roll English-Spanish

petate masculine

fire blanket English-Spanish

manta feminine apagafuegos, manta feminine ignífuga

Hudson's Bay blanket English-Spanish

manta durable de lana tejida en una variedad de colores

horse blanket in horse English-Spanish

gualdrapa feminine, manta, jerga feminineRiver Plate area/Río de la Plata

the blanket was specked with blood in speck English-Spanish

la manta estaba salpicada de sangre, la manta tenía manchitas de sangre

I arranged the blanket across my legs in across English-Spanish

me tapé las piernas con la manta

their blanket coverage of the championship in blanket English-Spanish

su exhaustiva cobertura del campeonato

he laid a blanket over the sleeping child in lay English-Spanish

cubrió al niño dormido con una manta

they use the word as a blanket term of abuse in blanket English-Spanish

usan la palabra como insulto indiscriminado

he tucked the blanket firmly under the mattress in tuck English-Spanish

metió bien la manta debajo del colchón

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