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block US English

A large solid piece of hard material, especially rock, stone, or wood, typically with flat surfaces on each side

block US Thesaurus

a block of cheese

power bloc US English

An association of groups, especially nations, having a common interest and acting as a single political force

block in power bloc US English

An association of groups, especially nations, having a common interest and acting as a single political force

pin block US English

The part of a piano or harpsichord holding the tuning pins

block-book US English

Book (a large quantity of tickets, seats, hotel rooms, etc.) at the same time

block grant US English

A grant from a central government that a local authority can allocate to a wide range of services

block party US English

A party for all the residents of a block or neighborhood, typically held on a closed-off city street

block plane US English

A carpenter’s plane with a blade set at an acute angle, used especially for planing across the end grain of wood

block vote US English

A vote proportional in power to the number of people a delegate represents

brake block US English

A block of hard material pressed against the rim of a wheel to slow it down by friction, typically one of a pair made of hardened rubber used on a bicycle

cell block US English

A large single building or part of a complex subdivided into separate prison cells

horse-block US English

A mounting block

knife block US English

A block of wood or other solid material, containing long grooves in which kitchen knives of various sizes can be inserted up to the handle

nerve block US English

The production of insensibility in a part of the body by injecting an anesthetic close to the nerves that supply it

scrub block US English

A rural landholding covered in thick brushwood or stunted forest growth

swage block US English

A grooved or perforated block for shaping metal

tower block US English

A tall modern building containing numerous floors of offices or flats

block diagram US English

A diagram showing in schematic form the general arrangement of parts or components of a complex system or process, such as an industrial apparatus or an electronic circuit

block heater US English

A device for heating the engine block of a vehicle

Block Island US English

A resort island in southern Rhode Island, in the Atlantic Ocean at the eastern end of Long Island Sound

block letters US English

Plain capital letters

block release US English

A system of allowing employees the whole of a stated period off work in order to undertake an educational course

block system US English

A system of railroad signaling that divides the track into sections and allows no train to enter a section that is not completely clear

breeze block US English

British term for cinder block.

butcher block US English

A material used to make kitchen countertops and tables, consisting of strips of hardwood glued together

cinder block US English

A lightweight building brick made from small cinders mixed with sand and cement

mental block US English

An inability to recall some specific thing or perform some mental action

office block US English

A large multistorey building containing the offices of one or more companies

pillow block US English

The housing for a wheel or journal bearing

pulley block US English

A block or casing in which one or more pulleys are mounted

tackle block US English

A pulley over which a rope runs

temple block US English

A percussion instrument consisting of a hollow block of wood that is struck with a stick

thrust block US English

A casting or frame carrying or containing the bearings on which the collars of a propeller shaft press

writer's block US English

The condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing

on the block US English

For sale at auction

block capitals US English

Another term for block letters.

block mountain US English

A mountain consisting of a block or blocks bounded by normal faults in the earth’s crust

building block US English

A child’s toy brick, typically made of wood or plastic

butcher's block US English

A sturdy wooden kitchen table with a square top on which food may be chopped

chopping block US English

A block for chopping something on, in particular

mounting block US English

A block of stone or low wooden steps from which a rider mounts a horse

starting block US English

A shaped rigid block for bracing the feet of a runner at the start of a race

stumbling block US English

A circumstance that causes difficulty or hesitation

stumbling block US Thesaurus

the cost is sometimes a stumbling block for Internet users

quarter-acre block US English

A standard plot of land for a suburban house

block something in US English

Mark something out roughly

block and tackle US English

A mechanism consisting of ropes and one or more pulley-blocks, used for lifting or pulling heavy objects

block something out US English

Stop something, typically light or noise, from reaching somewhere

on the chopping block US English

Likely to be abolished or drastically reduced

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