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bond US English

Physical restraints used to hold someone or something prisoner, especially ropes or chains

Bond, Edward US English

(B.1934), English dramatist. Many of his plays are marked by scenes of violence and cruelty. Notable works: Saved (1965) and Lear (1971)

Bond, James US English

A British secret agent in the spy novels of Ian Fleming, known also by his code name 007

bond US Thesaurus

the bond between Moira and her son

T-bond US English

Short for Treasury bond.

pi-bond US English

A bond formed by a pi-orbital.

junk bond US English

A high-yield, high-risk security, typically issued by a company seeking to raise capital quickly in order to finance a takeover

monk bond US English

A bond in which every course consists of patterns of two stretchers followed by one header.

pair-bond US English

(Of an animal or person) form a close relationship through courtship and sexual activity with one other animal or person

rail bond US English

A short metal cable forming an electric connection between consecutive lengths of rail in a railway or tramway.

wire bond US English

A wire forming or reinforcing a bond between two objects; (Electronics) a very short, fine wire forming an interconnection between two components of a microcircuit, such as between a microchip and a pad.

bond paper US English

High-quality writing paper

Brady bond US English

A restructured commercial bank loan to poor countries, denominated in US dollars

coupon bond US English

An investment bond on which interest is paid by presenting coupons

double bond US English

A chemical bond in which two pairs of electrons are shared between two atoms

granny bond US English

A form of index-linked National Savings certificate, originally available only to pensioners

heart-bond US English

A union of hearts; a strong spiritual or emotional connection. Also (occasionally): a betrothal, an engagement.

monk's bond US English

= monk bond.

peace bond US English

A bond required by a court from an individual deemed to pose a threat to the safety or property of others, intended to deter that person from disturbing the peace.

raking bond US English

A type of bond in which bricks are laid diagonally, or in a herringbone pattern, rather than horizontally.

ransom bond US English

= ransom bill.

single bond US English

A chemical bond in which one pair of electrons is shared between two atoms

triple bond US English

A chemical bond in which three pairs of electrons are shared between two atoms

bulldog bond US English

A sterling bond issued on the UK market by a foreign borrower

English bond US English

A bond used in brickwork consisting of alternate courses of stretchers and headers

Flemish bond US English

A pattern of bricks in a wall in which each course consists of alternate headers and stretchers

hydrogen bond US English

A weak bond between two molecules resulting from an electrostatic attraction between a proton in one molecule and an electronegative atom in the other

Liberty Bond US English

Any of a series of interest-bearing war bonds issued by the U.S. government in 1917–18.

managed bond US English

A bond which is invested by a fund manager on behalf of the owner.

metallic bond US English

The type of bond occurring in metals, in which the valence electrons are not localized as in covalent bonds but are capable of interacting with an indefinite number of the metal nuclei, which are arranged in a lattice formation.

mortgage bond US English

US a bond secured by a mortgage and issued by a mortgage lender.

multiple bond US English

A chemical bond in which two atoms share more than one pair of electrons.

peptide bond US English

A carbon–nitrogen bond of the type —CO·NH— in an organic molecule; specifically one linking the amino-acid residues in a peptide chain.

peroxide bond US English

A single bond between two oxygen atoms in a molecule.

Premium Bond US English

(In the UK) a government security that offers no interest or capital gain but is entered in regular draws for cash prizes

priority bond US English

= preference bond.

probate bond US English

A bond in which an administrator other than an executor gives a guarantee that he or she will administer the estate in accordance with the will and with the laws and rules of probate.

property bond US English

Finance a bond or share in property.

rat-trap bond US English

A form of Flemish bond in which the bricks are laid on edge and the headers span the whole thickness of wall, dividing the wall cavity into square spaces.

revenue bond US English

A type of bond which is issued to raise funds for a specific public project, and is redeemable against the project's future revenue.

savings bond US English

A bond issued by the government and sold to the general public

security bond US English

Chiefly Law security put up as a bond, recognizance, or guarantee of good behaviour.

Treasury bond US English

A government bond issued by the US Treasury

victory bond US English

A bond issued by a government during or immediately after a major war

government bond US English

A bond issued by a country’s government, promising to repay borrowed money a fixed rate of interest at a specified time

investment bond US English

(In the UK) a single-premium life insurance policy linked to a unit trust for long-term investment

municipal bond US English

A security issued by or on behalf of a local authority

phosphate bond US English

A chemical bond linking a phosphate group to another part of a molecule, especially such a bond in ATP which is hydrolysed to provide energy in living organisms.

precipice bond US English

A bond which is issued for a fixed term, under conditions such that the customer's capital is at risk should investments perform below a certain preset level.

preference bond US English

A bond which entitles the holder to a fixed dividend, the payment of which takes priority over that of ordinary bonds.

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