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book US English

A written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together along one side and bound in covers

the book in book US English

The local telephone directory

book US Thesaurus

Nadine and Ian have recommended some good books

e-book US English

An electronic version of a printed book that can be read on a computer or handheld device designed specifically for this purpose

on book US English

With reference to a script; not from memory.

art book US English

A book relating to art; specifically a book containing printed reproductions of works of art.

baby book US English

A book intended for babies or young children.

bank book US English

Another term for passbook.

Blue Book US English

An official book listing government officials

make book US English

Take bets on the outcome of an event

book bag US English

A bag of a type used to carry books

book-boy US English

A boy employed to fetch books, especially for readers in a library.

book club US English

another term for book group.

book debt US English

An amount debited to a named account in a ledger; a debt owing to a tradesperson as recorded in his or her account books.

book fest US English

= book festival.

book form US English

The form of a book, especially as opposed to any other type of publication; frequently attributive and in in book form.

book gill US English

(In aquatic arachnids) any of several pairs of external gills that each contain numerous fine lamellae; also called gill book.

book hand US English

A formal style of handwriting as used by professional copiers of books before the invention of printing

book-hunt US English

To search for old or rare books to buy.

book law US English

Written law; statute law.

book lore US English

Book learning (in early use) especially religious book learning; knowledge gained from books.

book lung US English

(In a spider or other arachnid) each of a pair of respiratory organs composed of many fine leaves. They are situated in the abdomen and have openings on the underside

book mate US English

A schoolmate; a fellow student or reader.

book mite US English

= booklouse.

book name US English

(In imperial China) a name given to a child on starting school (now rare).

book page US English

A page of a book

book post US English

The system and regulations under which books and printed matter may be sent through the post, often at a reduced price compared to other items.

book prop US English

A stand or support for a book or books.

book rate US English

The rate charged for sending a printed item by book post.

book-read US English

Having knowledge acquired from books and reading.

book-shy US English

Reluctant or unwilling to read books.

book tray US English

A tray for carrying or storing books.

book type US English

Type which is used for printing books.

brag book US English

A scrapbook or photo album intended to show its subject to advantage

cash book US English

A book in which receipts and payments of money are recorded

fake book US English

A book of music containing the basic chord sequences of jazz or other tunes

game book US English

A book or ledger in which details are kept of the game killed in the course of a shoot, or of all the game killed on a particular estate.

God's book US English

The Scriptures, the Bible (in plural in Old English).

herd book US English

A book recording the pedigrees of cattle, goats, or other livestock

hymn book US English

A book containing the words of a collection of hymns

job book US English

A book in which the details of individual pieces of miscellaneous printing work are recorded.

kirk book US English

= church book.

late book US English

(In a school) a book in which the names of pupils arriving late are recorded.

loan book US English

A record of loans held by a bank or finance company

love-book US English

A book treating of love.

mass book US English

A missal. Formerly (occasionally): †any prayer book for liturgical use (obsolete).

mug book US English

A book in which business or professional people publicize themselves and are exhibited in flattering photographs.

navy book US English

An official listing of the officers and other ratings of a naval ship.

non-book US English

Something that is not a book, especially a publication or library holding (as a manuscript, microfilm, audio-visual tool, etc.).

off book US English

Without reference to a book or script; from memory; (in early use) by improvisation, extempore.

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