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book US English

A written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together along one side and bound in covers

book US Thesaurus

Nadine and Ian have recommended some good books

the book in book US English

The local telephone directory

e-book US English

An electronic version of a printed book that can be read on a computer or handheld device designed specifically for this purpose

bank book US English

Another term for passbook.

Blue Book US English

An official book listing government officials

make book US English

Take bets on the outcome of an event

book bag US English

A bag of a type used to carry books

book club US English

another term for book group.

book hand US English

A formal style of handwriting as used by professional copiers of books before the invention of printing

book lung US English

(In a spider or other arachnid) each of a pair of respiratory organs composed of many fine leaves. They are situated in the abdomen and have openings on the underside

book page US English

A page of a book

brag book US English

A scrapbook or photo album intended to show its subject to advantage

cash book US English

A book in which receipts and payments of money are recorded

fake book US English

A book of music containing the basic chord sequences of jazz or other tunes

herd book US English

A book recording the pedigrees of cattle, goats, or other livestock

hymn book US English

A book containing the words of a collection of hymns

loan book US English

A record of loans held by a bank or finance company

open book US English

A person or thing that is easily understood or interpreted

rag book US English

A book for very small children made of strong cloth that cannot be torn

red book US English

The title given to any of various official books of economic or political significance

stud book US English

A book containing the pedigrees of horses

wish book US English

A mail-order catalog

Beige Book US English

A summary and analysis of economic activity and conditions, prepared with the aid of reports from the district Federal Reserve Banks and issued by the central bank of the Federal Reserve for its policy makers before a Federal Open Market Committee meeting

black book US English

A book containing a list of secret contacts, or of the names of people liable to be punished

block-book US English

Book (a large quantity of tickets, seats, hotel rooms, etc.) at the same time

book group US English

A group of people who meet regularly to discuss books that all the members have read

book-loving US English

Fond of reading books

book token US English

A voucher which can be exchanged for books costing up to a specified amount

book value US English

The value of a security or asset as entered in a company’s books

closed book US English

A subject or person about which one knows nothing

double-book US English

Reserve (something, especially a seat or a hotel room) for two different customers or parties at the same time

emblem book US English

A book of a kind popular in medieval and Renaissance Europe, containing drawings accompanied by allegorical interpretations

field book US English

A book in which a surveyor or other technician or scientist writes down measurements and other technical notes taken in the field

memory book US English

A scrapbook

muster book US English

A book in which military personnel were registered

order book US English

A book in which orders are entered as they are received by a business, especially regarded as a measure of the organization’s success

phone book US English

A telephone directory

phrase book US English

A book for people visiting a foreign country, listing useful expressions in the language of the country together with their equivalent in the visitor’s own language

pillow book US English

(In Japanese classical literature) a type of private diary

prayer book US English

A book containing the forms of prayer regularly used in Christian worship, especially the Book of Common Prayer

ration book US English

An official document entitling the holder to a ration of food, clothes, or other goods

sealed book US English

Archaic term for closed book (see closed).

stock book US English

A book used by a business to keep records of quantities of goods acquired, held in stock, and disposed of

trade book US English

A book published by a commercial publisher and intended for general readership

white book US English

A book of rules, standards, or records, especially an official government report, bound in white

Yellow Book US English

An illustrated literary periodical published quarterly in the UK between 1894 and 1897, associated with the Aesthetic Movement. Often controversial, it contained contributions from writers including Max Beerbohm, Henry James, Edmund Gosse, Arnold Bennett, and H. G. Wells. The art editor was Aubrey Beardsley

address book US English

A book for recording the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of friends, businesses, etc.

birthday book US English

A book in diary form for recording birthdays

in my book US English

In my opinion

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