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brace US English

A device that clamps things tightly together or that gives support, in particular

in brace US English

A pair of something, typically of birds or mammals killed in hunting

brace up US English

Be strong or courageous

wheel brace US English

A tool for screwing and unscrewing nuts on the wheel of a vehicle

main brace US English

One of the braces attached to the main yard of a sailing ship

brace and bit US English

A revolving tool with a D-shaped crank handle for boring

brace up in brace US English

Be strong or courageous

brace New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

either of the marks { and }; curly bracket

brace US Thesaurus

the aquarium is supported by wooden braces

brace English-Spanish

abrazadera feminine

brace up English-Spanish


main brace English-Spanish

braza feminine (de) mayor

brace up English-Spanish


brace up! in brace English-Spanish

¡arriba ese ánimo!

brace up! in brace up English-Spanish

¡arriba ese ánimo!

brace and bit in brace English-Spanish

berbiquí y barrena

brace yourself, John won the prize in brace English-Spanish

agárrate, John se ganó el premio