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bridge1 US English

A structure carrying a road, path, railroad, or canal across a river, ravine, road, railroad, or other obstacle

bridge2 US English

A card game descended from whist, played by two partnerships of two players who at the beginning of each hand bid for the right to name the trump suit, the highest bid also representing a contract to make a specified number of tricks with a specified suit as trumps

Bridge, Frank US English

(1879–1941), English composer, conductor, and violist. His compositions include chamber music, songs, and orchestral works, among them The Sea (1910–11) and Oration (for cello and orchestra, 1930)

bridge US Thesaurus

a bridge over the river

air bridge US English

British term for jetway.

boat bridge US English

A bridge consisting of a number of boats tied together.

bridge loan US English

A sum of money lent by a bank to cover an interval between two transactions, typically the buying of one house and the selling of another

bridge mix US English

A mixture of various bite-size snack foods, such as nuts, raisins, and chocolates, typically served in a bowl at card games, parties, etc.

bridge roll US English

A small, soft bread roll with a long, thin shape

cell bridge US English

= cell junction.

land bridge US English

A connection between two landmasses, especially a prehistoric one that allowed humans and animals to colonize new territory before being cut off by the sea, as across the Bering Strait and the English Channel

low-bridge US English

To bend, stoop, or duck, as though passing under a low bridge. Now rare.

raft bridge US English

A floating bridge made of a raft, or supported by rafts.

road bridge US English

A bridge that carries a road.

salt bridge US English

A tube containing an electrolyte (typically in the form of a gel), providing electrical contact between two solutions

toll bridge US English

A bridge where drivers or pedestrians must pay to cross

Adam's Bridge US English

A line of shoals lying between northwestern Sri Lanka and the southeastern coast of Tamil Nadu in India. It separates the Palk Strait from the Gulf of Mannar

Bailey bridge US English

A temporary bridge of lattice steel designed for rapid assembly from prefabricated standard parts, used especially in military operations

chain bridge US English

A suspension bridge supported by chains rather than cables

ferry bridge US English

A bridge used to board or disembark from a ferry.

flying bridge US English

Another term for flybridge.

frame bridge US English

Any of various kinds of bridge constructed with a frame.

Irish bridge US English

A ford consisting of a causeway of stones or concrete across the bed of a river, stream, etc., typically lying below the surface of the water.

monkey bridge US English

= monkey island.

paint-bridge US English

A movable platform on which a scene-painter stands.

pivot bridge US English

A swing bridge pivoted on a central pier.

razor-bridge US English

A narrow bridge; specifically (in Islamic tradition) Al Sirāt, the thin, sharp bridge believed to lead over hell.

roving bridge US English

A canal bridge designed as a continuation of the towpath, allowing a horse towing a boat to cross the canal when the towpath changes sides.

rubber bridge US English

A type of bridge which is scored in rubbers.

swing bridge US English

A bridge over water that can be rotated horizontally to allow ships through

Tower Bridge US English

A bridge across the Thames in London, famous for its twin towers and for the two bascules of which the roadway consists, able to be lifted to allow the passage of large ships. It was completed in 1894

auction bridge US English

An obsolete form of the card game bridge, in which all tricks won count toward the game whether bid or not

bridge-building US English

The activity of building bridges

bridge passage US English

A transitional section in a musical composition leading to a new section or theme

Brooklyn Bridge US English

A suspension bridge between southern Manhattan and northern Brooklyn (on Long Island) in New York City. Constructed 1869–1883, it was one of the period’s engineering marvels and is celebrated in art and literature

clapper bridge US English

A simple bridge consisting of slabs of stone or planks laid across a series of rocks or piles of stones

contract bridge US English

The standard form of the card game bridge, in which only tricks bid and won count toward the game, as opposed to auction bridge

electric bridge US English

Electricity an arrangement of electrical circuits used for measuring the resistance of an element of the circuit.

gangway-bridge US English

A bridge in the form of a (narrow) walkway.

humpback bridge US English

A small road bridge with a steep ascent and descent

Maxwell bridge US English

A four-armed alternating current bridge used for measuring inductance in terms of capacitance and resistance, or for measuring capacitance in terms of inductance and resistance.

pontoon bridge US English

A bridge constructed on pontoons.

raccoon bridge US English

A temporary or improvised bridge made from a felled sapling.

Rainbow Bridge US English

A bridge of natural rock, the world’s largest natural bridge, situated in southern Utah, just north of the border with Arizona. Its span is 278 feet (86 m)

rolling bridge US English

A bridge whose roadway or whole structure can be moved horizontally by means of rollers or other mechanism.

cable-stayed bridge US English

A bridge in which the weight of the deck is supported by a number of cables running directly to one or more towers

cantilever bridge US English

A bridge in which each span is constructed from cantilevers built out sideways from piers

duplicate bridge US English

A competitive form of bridge in which the same hands are played successively by different partnerships

occupation bridge US English

A bridge for the use of the occupiers of land, as one connecting parts of a farm, etc., separated by a canal or railway.

suspension bridge US English

A bridge in which the weight of the deck is supported by vertical cables suspended from larger cables that run between towers and are anchored in abutments at each end

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