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bug US English

A small insect

bug US Thesaurus

bugs were crawling everywhere

bug off US English

Go away

bug out US English

Leave quickly

bug fix US English

A correction to a bug in a computer program or system

new bug US English

= new boy.

pea-bug US English

= pea weevil.

red-bug US English

A chigger or harvest mite (genus Trombicula).

apple bug US English

A whirligig beetle (family Gyrinidae), which when handled exudes a milky liquid having an odour of apples.

bug-eyed US English

With bulging eyes

bug juice US English

Whisky or other liquor, especially when of poor quality

cinch bug US English

Another term for chinch.

green bug US English

Any of various green aphids (greenfly) and other green insects that are typically pests of plants; (in later use) especially the widespread aphid Schizaphis graminum, which infests grasses and cereal crops.

June bug US English

A large brown scarab beetle that appears in late spring and early summer

lace bug US English

A small plant-eating bug that has a raised netlike pattern on the wings and upper surface

love bug US English

A dark-coloured fly, Plecia nearctica (family Bibionidae), widespread across the southern U.S., which at certain times of the year forms large swarms of mating pairs.

Maori bug US English

A large black wingless cockroach which emits an unpleasant smell when disturbed

Miana bug US English

The soft tick Argas persicus, which is parasitic chiefly on poultry.

news bug US English

= news bee.

perch bug US English

A dragonfly nymph used as bait for fishing.

pinch bug US English

A stag beetle.

plant bug US English

Any hemipteran insect that infests and feeds on plants; especially (a) a mirid; (b) an aphid.

rice bug US English

Any of several slender hemipteran bugs of the genus Leptocorisa (family Alydidae), which are pests of ripening rice grains in south and south-east Asia.

stilt bug US English

A plant bug with very long slender legs

stink bug US English

A broad shield-shaped bug that is typically brightly colored or boldly marked. It emits a foul smell when handled or molested

church bug US English

A woodlouse (now rare).

damsel bug US English

A slender long-legged bug that is a predator of other insects

kissing bug US English

A bloodsucking North American assassin bug that can inflict a painful bite on humans and often attacks the face

martin bug US English

A bloodsucking heteropteran bug, Oeciacus hirundinis, whose principal host is the house martin.

potato bug US English

(More fully old-fashioned potato bug) a blister beetle of the genus Epicauta.

saucer bug US English

A disc-shaped predatory water bug which lives in muddy ponds and breathes by means of an air bubble around the body

shield bug US English

Another term for stink bug.

squash bug US English

A dark-colored bug with forewings marked by many veins

turtle bug US English

A bug or beetle with a turtlelike carapace, especially an olive-brown shield bug that frequents grassy places

assassin bug US English

A long-legged predatory or bloodsucking bug that occurs chiefly in the tropics and feeds mainly on other arthropods. Some of those that bite humans can transmit microorganisms such as the one causing Chagas' disease

lightning bug US English

Another term for firefly.

milkweed bug US English

Either of two red and black North American bugs of the family Lygaeidae, Oncopeltus fasciatus and Lygaeus kalmi.

palmetto bug US English

Any of several large, flying cockroaches chiefly of the genus Periplaneta, including the American cockroach, P. americana.

pinching bug US English

= pinch bug.

roly-poly bug US English

A small invertebrate (as a woodlouse or a pill millipede) that rolls itself into a ball when disturbed.

millennium bug US English

A problem with some computers arising from an inability of the software to deal correctly with dates of 1 January 2000 or later

be bitten by the —— bug US English

Develop a passionate interest in a specified activity

Moreton Bay bug US English

Any of various large marine decapod crustaceans valued for their edible tail flesh; especially Thenus orientalis (family Scyllaridae) of northern Australia.

snug as a bug US English

In an extremely comfortable position or situation

tarnished plant bug US English

Either of two brownish mirid bugs that are pests of numerous fruits, vegetables, and other crops

bug out in bug US English

Leave quickly

bedbug US English

A bloodsucking bug that is a parasite of birds and mammals

true bug in bug US English

An insect of a large order distinguished by having mouthparts that are modified for piercing and sucking

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