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burr US English

A whirring sound, such as a telephone ringing tone or the sound of cogs turning

bur in burr US English

A rough edge or ridge left on an object (especially of metal) by the action of a tool or machine

Burr, Aaron US English

(1756–1836), US statesman. In 1804, while US vice president, he killed Alexander Hamilton, his rival, in a duel. He then plotted to form an independent administration in Mexico and was tried for treason but was acquitted

Noogoora burr US English

A plant of the daisy family which has become naturalized in Australia, where it is considered a noxious weed because its hooked burrs become entangled in sheep’s fleeces

a burr under one's saddle US English

A persistent source of irritation

bur oak US English

A North American oak, with large fringed acorn cups. Its timber was formerly important in shipbuilding

bur reed US English

An aquatic reedlike plant with rounded flower heads. Its oily seeds are an important source of winter food for wildfowl

bur marigold US English

Another term for beggarticks.

a burr under one's saddle in burr US English

A persistent source of irritation