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by US English

Identifying the agent performing an action

by- US English

Subordinate; incidental; secondary

to all appearances US English

As far as can be seen

bye1 US English

The transfer of a competitor directly to the next round of a competition in the absence of an assigned opponent

courtesy of US English

Given or allowed by

in fits and starts US English

With irregular bursts of activity

on foot US English

Walking rather than traveling by car or using other transport

at the hands of US English

Through the agency of

on horseback US English

Mounted on a horse

kill with kindness US English

Spoil with overindulgence

ownsome US English

All alone

hoist with one's own petard US English

Have one’s plans to cause trouble for others backfire on one

by US Thesaurus

I broke it by forcing the lid

do by US English

Treat or deal with in a specified way

go-by US English

Avoid or snub someone

by air US English

In an aircraft

by far US English

By a great amount

get by US English

Manage with difficulty to live or accomplish something

lay-by US English

An area at the side of a road where vehicles may pull off the road and stop

out-by US English

Out a little way; a short distance out; out of doors; (Mining) near to the mine shaft (rather than to the workings where mining is taking place).

by sea US English

By means of a ship or ships

sit by US English

Take no action in order to prevent something undesirable from occurring

by-blow US English

A side-blow not at the main target

by-form US English

A secondary form of a word

by-rote US English

Designating or relating to something learnt or professed by rote.

come by US English

Call casually and briefly as a visitor

gone-by US English

= bygone; especially past, over and done with, former.

by hand US English

By a person and not a machine

hard by US English

Close to

by Jove US English

An exclamation indicating surprise or used for emphasis

by name US English

Using the name of someone or something

pass-by US English

An act of passing by. rare before late 20th cent.

by road US English

In or on a road vehicle

stop by US English

Call briefly and informally as a visitor

by wire US English

By telegraph

by and by US English

Before long; eventually

by the by US English

Incidentally; parenthetically

by-catch US English

The unwanted fish and other marine creatures caught during commercial fishing for a different species

by choice US English

Of one’s own volition

close by US English

Very near; nearby

by deputy US English

Instructing another person to act in one’s stead; by proxy

by design US English

As a result of a plan; intentionally

drive-by US English

(Of a shooting or other act) carried out from a passing vehicle

by heart US English

From memory

by inches US English

Only just

by jingo! US English

An exclamation of surprise

by parol US English

By oral declaration

by rights US English

If things had happened or been done fairly or correctly

stand by US English

Be present while something bad is happening but fail to take any action to stop it

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