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canvass US English

Solicit votes from (electors in a constituency)

canvass US Thesaurus

he's canvassing for the Green Party

canvass English-Spanish

to canvass voters in an area

to canvass for sb English-Spanish

hacer* campaña

to canvass for sth English-Spanish

tratar de conseguir algo

to canvass the votes in canvass English-Spanish

hacer* el escrutinio de los votos

to canvass voters in an area in canvass English-Spanish

hacer* campaña entre los votantes de una zona

to canvass retailers for a product in canvass English-Spanish

promocionar un producto entre los comerciantes

she's gone to New York to canvass for business/orders/clients in canvass English-Spanish

ha ido a Nueva York para conseguir contratos/pedidos/clientes

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